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Great Danes are easy to spot—thanks to their physical magnitude—and quite easy to live with too, despite their large stature. The breed is known to be friendly, patient, and dependable. They are gentle giants who get along well with kids and are loyal and lovable pets all around.

However, their large size and giant breed categorization does mean that they require specific care and attention from puppyhood through their senior years. Great Danes require consistent training and special diets to ensure they lead happy and healthy lives. Take time to speak with your breeder to learn more about the breed before adding one to your family.

And once you are ready to commit to a new Great Dane puppy, you’ll need a name that’s fit to match their incredible nature and notable looks. These Great Dane names couldn’t be more perfect.

Top Great Dane Name Ideas

[Anything] The Great

Whether it’s Muffin the Great, Champ the Great, Roger the Great, or any name on this list that follows, we think adding ‘The Great’ to the end of any moniker couldn’t be more perfect for the breed.


Ames means “a friend” and is of German origin, as is the breed. Great Danes are known for their friendly, easygoing nature, which makes this moniker all the more fitting.


Great Danes are known as the mighty “Apollo of Dogs”, and Apollo is known as the Greek god of divine distance.

Great Dane laying down outdoors next to her puppy.
Jim Craigmyle/Stone via Getty Images


Taking a naming cue from “The Jetsons,” the animated family’s pet was a Great Dane named Astro. It’s a good choice for your own giant lap dog.


A childhood classic book, “The BFG” or “Big Friendly Giant,” is a title that also suits this large breed that ranges from 110 to 170 pounds.


These gentle giants can tend to be home buddies who love to protect their family and hang out at home.


Using the latter half of the breed’s name is only fitting. While the breed is thought to be of German origin, Dane means “a native or inhabitant of Denmark” or “a person of Danish descent.”


A sweet name for a sweet breed, Esme means “beloved”, as we are sure your chill and loving Great Dane will become beloved the moment you meet them.


The biggest mountain range in the world, Mount Everest could make for great inspiration when naming your soon-to-be mountain like in size Great Dane puppy.


While the breed is undoubtedly known for their size and power, they are also thought to be exceptionally elegant and graceful dogs.

Harley Quinn

The Great Dane’s coat comes in different colors and patterns. The black-and-white patchwork pattern known as “harlequin” is considered the most popular. So if you end up with a patchwork pup and happen to be a DC fan, we think this name says it all.


A French name that means “friend of the people”, we think Ludivine is unique, sweet, and a great candidate for a ‘the Great’ addition. May we present to you: Ludivine the Great.

Mickey and/or Minnie

The famous mice make for a playful namesake for a pair of Great Danes, don’t you think?


The Great Dane is known for being good with kids and a sort of caretaker, which is why we feel that Nana is a suitable name, especially if you have kids.

Great Dane sleeping in the garden.
Sonja Birkelbach -


In the same vein, St. Nicholas—a.k.a. Mr. Claus—is considered to be the “protector of children” and could make for another meaningful name choice.


Keeping it simple: Here’s a German beer-inspired name for a German breed dog.


The dog in the movie “Little Rascals” was a Great Dane, and we think a nod to the adorable film makes for a cute name choice for the breed too.


The German word for “giant'” is a unique spelling of the more popular “Reese” and a fitting name for the giant breed.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a political powerhouse of our time, and the name can match the powerful nature of the breed.


Saving the best for last? Perhaps. Who couldn’t love the name of Scoob, Scooby, or Scooby Dooby Do to honor the loveable Great Dane character from the infamous cartoon series?

Great Danes make for great friends, partners, and pets. Ensure you set the relationship up for success by doing your homework and committing to provide the care they need. If you do that, we’re sure your new puppy won’t mind what you call them.

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