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When it comes to Poodles, there is more to the breed than what meets the eye. Fluffy, show dog looks aside, the Poodle is an active, smart, and proud breed that has been favored for centuries. Initially used as a duck hunting breed in Germany, Poodles are now the national dog of France and wear the title rightly with pride.

Poodles come in three sizes—standard, miniature, and toy—and three colors—white, black, and apricot. But choosing a pet entails more than picking out the preferred color and size, you should consider the dog’s personality most of all. To make sure a Poodle is the right fit for you and your family, you need to do the research to learn about their temperament and specific care requirements before bringing one home.

Once you’re ready, all your canine companion needs is a name. We’ve rounded up some of the best Poodle names for your new puppy that fits its regal stature and sweet demeanor.

Top Poodle Name Ideas


The rarest of the Poodle colors, Apricot also makes for a sweet Poodle name choice.


Another food-inspired dog name idea with a French twist, Basile means ‘regal’ and regularly tops the list of names for boys in France, making it a good choice for your male Poodle.


Whether you draw inspiration from the Champs Elysse, Champagne the region, or the bubbly beverage, Champs can make for a cute Poodle name and less expected choice in comparison to the classic, singular Champ.


The breed is considered to be filled with natural entertainers, so we love making a nod to the iconic Charlie Chaplin. Charlie could also be short for Charlemagne to further connect to the breed’s French ties.

Two Standard Poodles, one white and one black, standing outdoors in the yard.
ivanastar/Getty Images Plus


Fashionable and smart, consider naming your Poodle puppy after the fashion icon, Coco Chanel.


Known as the Caniche, or “duck dog,” the breed originated as duck hunters in Germany. Daisy the Duck Hunter could make for a humorous play on words—and a very memorable Poodle name.


A minor figure in Greek mythology, Daphne was a variety of female nymphs associated with bodies of fresh water. Poodles are well known for their exceptional swimming capabilities, meaning it’s a name perfect for a water-loving pup.


The name Fiero is a name of Italian origin meaning “proud”. The breed is known for being very proud in nature, and the fiery name could complement an apricot-colored pooch nicely.


Greek for “knowledgeable”, Ismene can highlight the breed’s smarts and general intelligence.


Whether you want to connect the name to one of the many kings of France or the infamous Louis Vuitton, we adore this name for any sized Poodle.

Marin or Marina

A French name meaning “of the sea”, either Marin or Marina can tie back to Poodle’s natural swimmer capabilities and duck hunting purpose in the waters of Germany.


Meaning “of the mind; intellect”, Minne is another Poodle name idea that will show that there is more to the breed than their looks and athleticism—they are thinkers, too.


A best friend for life and no better partner, Monique is a French name meaning “wise counsel”.


Marilyn Monroe was a known lover of the breed, which is why we like the use of her surname for a Poodle with a star-like quality and demeanor.

Miniature Poodles head portrait outdoors.
dragon for real/Moment via Getty Images


The capital of France, Paris naturally is a fitting name for the national dog of France.


“Beauty and the Beast” was written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in 1740. In the fairytale, Phillipe was the name of Belle’s horse and a good choice for a bold dog.

Pudelin or Puddles

Once referred to as Pudelin in Germany, where the word “pudelin” refers to splashing in water, this name idea can be a lighthearted way to connect your puppy to their heritage.


Poodles come in three sizes and three colors, so we like the name Tres, which means three in French.


Of Arabic origin meaning “astute or wise”, Ulima is a unique name that will suit a uniquely smart and beautiful Poodle puppy.


A French name meaning “strength and health'”, we love to again name the breed with something that expresses more than their eye-catching looks in mind.

No matter what you name your new dog, Poodles are exceptional companions that will bring so much joy to their families through their impressive nature. We hope that you enjoy bonding with your new puppy and growing together.

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