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Vizslas, also known as Hungarian Pointers, have a long history as the most prized possession of aristocrats in Hungary. These regal canines have a lot to offer. Here are seven things you may not know about them:

Their Ancestors Were Falconers

The Vizsla’s ancestors are believed to be the dogs of the Magyar tribes who settled present day Hungary thousands of years ago. Archeologists have found stone etchings that depict the Magyar hunter with his falcon and his dog: the canine that would become the Vizsla.

They’re Pointers and Retrievers

The Vizsla was the hunting dog of choice throughout the history of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The aristocrats who owned them bred them to be good pointers and good retrievers.

Vizsla standing in a field at sunrise.
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They’re the Ultimate Camouflage Dogs

Vizslas are always golden rust-colored, with no variation in their coats. They have a similar brown eye color, which blends in with their coat. Their even brown tone makes them great at camouflaging, which comes in handy when hunting.

They Almost Went Extinct

The Vizsla suffered a severe decline in the late 19th century. Records indicate that there were only about a dozen purebreds left in the Austro-Hungarian empire at the time. Fortunately, the breed managed to bounce back, becoming popular in multiple countries.

Vizsla puppy standing in a field.
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Lots of Vizslas Have Jobs

Vizslas work as guide dogs, as sniffers for the Transportation Security Administration, and as search-and-rescue dogs. Vizslas actually helped in the search and rescue efforts right after 9/11.

A Vizsla Was the First AKC Triple Champion

In order to become a Triple Champion, a dog must earn the Champion of Record title, either the Field Champion or Herding Champion title, and one additional title, in obedience, tracking, or agility. In 1980, a Vizsla named Kai became the first AKC triple champion of any breed, by winning in show, field, and obedience.

They’re Very Clean

When it comes to grooming, an occasional bath will keep their short coat looking great. However, their fast-growing nails need to be trimmed regularly.

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