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Along with chocolate and cheese, the Swiss Canton of Bern is best known as the home of four breeds of mountain dogs, including the Bernese Mountain Dog. Handsome, powerful, placid, and affectionate, there’s a lot to love about this breed.

1. The Breed is ‘Versatile’

Bred in an agricultural region of Switzerland, Berners are all-around farm dogs, good at droving, drafting, herding, protecting the farmyard, and being wonderful family companions.

2. Bernese Mountains Dogs are Majestic

This large, powerful dog has a beautiful, silky tri-color coat of black, white, and rust, with distinctive markings. Their dark eyes radiate intelligence.

3. This is a Cold-Weather Dog

Of course, they need to live indoors with his family, but he thrives on cold-weather outdoor activities and will happily join you for hikes, camping, backpacking, and a good romp in the snow.

4. They Will Be Your Kids’ Best Friend

The breed is known for being particularly gentle and affectionate with children. They may even take it upon themself to watch over the family children, and they’re not rambunctious with them. However, given their size, they may be too much dog for very young kids.

5. Bernese Mountain Dogs Do Well in Dog Sports

This breed from the Working Group competes in a variety of activities. Obviously, they excel at drafting/carting, but they also hold their own in agility, obedience, herding, and conformation.

6. They Tend to Be Hairy

The breed has a double coat and sheds profusely. They also cast off their coats seasonally or cyclically. If anyone in the family has allergies, this may not be the breed for you.

7. Berners Really, Really Love their Family

One reason they’re so good at so many different jobs is because of their deep need to please their humans. A Bernese Mountain Dog is meant to live with you, not be kenneled or left outside. They want to be where you are. And, with their easy-going, affectionate temperament, you’ll want to be where they are.

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