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Golden Retriever Scratching
Zheka-Boss via Getty Images

Spring is here! It’s the season of flowers blooming, BBQs grilling, outdoor adventures, and… fleas and ticks. Are your dogs protected? Tractor Supply Company has your favorite flea and tick preventatives. You can choose from protective repellent flea/tick collars, topical preventatives, sprays, and treatments for your yard, kennel, and house against the pests. Product effectiveness and safety may vary by breed and age of the dog. If you’re unsure about which approach to take, talk with your veterinarian.

For prescription needs, visit to view more options to protect your Pet from Flea, Ticks, and Allergies.

Get ahead of the fleas and ticks this spring and start enjoying the outdoors again. Visit your local Tractor Supply Company or shop online here.