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When you’re expecting a litter it’s best to have supplies on hand when you transition to solid food. A great way to ease that transition is introducing a puppy appropriate probiotic prior to making the switch. Tractor Supply Company carries Pet’s Choice Pharmaceuticals Puppy Booster Probiotic Powder and it’s a perfect choice to support your puppyies’ digestive and immune systems to handle the weaning process. Tractor Supply Company’s Puppy Booster Probiotic Powder, only available online, is a highly palatable and water-soluble formula that will encourage your pups to stay hydrated. By mixing one tablespoon per gallon of water, the Puppy Booster Probiotic Powder is easy to deliver to your pups. Stop by your local Tractor Supply Company, or shop online anytime at, to pick up this great option to help your pups thrive through the weaning process!