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When it comes time to select bedding for your dam and puppies, look no further than Tractor Supply Company.

Tractor Supply Company has a full array of blankets, beds, and pads to line your whelping box and puppy pen.

Look for low-height pads for your whelping box, so mom can move around easily and pups can get traction as they learn to get their feet underneath themselves, like these pads with non-slip grip on the back:




Transition to beds, like the Gusset Pillow bed

( as pups get older and can navigate more surfaces. The removeable, washable cover makes it easy to throw in the laundry for cleaning!


Order a blanket ( for each pup in your litter! A blanket that smells like mom and littermates can ease the transition into a new home.

Make Tractor Supply Company your first stop for bedding for your next litter!