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Are you planning to train a new puppy? Are you looking to upgrade your kennel? Look no farther than Tractor Supply Company. TSC has a wide variety of crates, including their best seller, the Retriever 2-Door Wire Crate. Crate training is a vital part of raising a puppy. It makes house training much simpler, as well as keeps your puppy safe when you aren’t supervising him in the house. Additionally, a crate is the safest way for any pet to travel in a vehicle. The Retriever 2-Door Wire Crate has a door on the short and long side; this makes it easy to place the crate in any room of your house and have easy access to a door. It also comes with a divider panel, so the crate can grow with your pup! When your pup is small and you are using the crate to housetrain, the divider panel can be used to make the crate smaller. As your pup grows and matures, you can give him or her more space in the crate until the divider is no longer needed.

The Retriever 2-Door Wire Crate comes in five different sizes. Stop by your local Tractor Supply Company, or shop online anytime at