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At some point, every dog owner is faced with the question: To breed or not to breed? If you are considering becoming a breeder, please keep the following in mind.

  • Responsible breeders embrace the belief that each new litter should represent an improvement over the last.
  • Responsible breeders are aware that each breed has an official standard or written desrcription of how the ideal dog looks, moves and behaves. They are careful to only breed dogs that meet this standard.
  • Responsible breeders give careful consideration to health issues, genetic concerns, temperament, soundness and appearance.
  • Responsible breeders know that every dog – however wonderful as a companion – has certain flaws or weaknesses and that it is important to find a mate that can complement strengths and help eliminate the weaknesses.
  • Responsible breeders plan ahead to be sure that each puppy they produce will be placed in a safe, loving home suited to its needs.
  • Responsible breeders accept responsibility for the puppies they produce throughout each puppy's lifetime and are always available to answer questions and provide information to the puppy's new owners.

An experienced breeder is your best source of information and advice on the intricacies of breeding. The easiest way to find one is through your local dog club.