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Are you looking for a way to ensure your new pup’s family has all the information they need? The American Kennel Club’s modernized puppy folders can help!

Customizable with information specific to the pup – registration number, name, birth date, feeding details and more – these updated folders were created with the new owner in mind.


Important topics for first time puppy owners include:

  • Preparing for day one with your puppy
  • Dangerous household products and foods
  • Puppy vaccination schedule


Also included:

  • Safety window decals
  • How to get involved in AKC sports and events
  • Benefits of AKC registration
  • Shop discounts


You can further customize by adding:

  • Vaccination records
  • Breed-specific materials
  • Your favorite socialization techniques and more


As a breeder, you spend time and energy locating the perfect homes for your puppies. Once you find the best match, you want to be sure your puppies’ new families have all the information they need to get their pups off to a great start. AKC Puppy Folders do just that and are available to order on the AKC Shop or during online litter registration.

If you are a Bred with H.E.A.R.T. breeder, you can showcase your membership by selecting puppy folders with the Bred with HEART designation. If you aren’t, apply today – it’s free!
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Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Download and print this vaccination schedule to help keep your puppy on track for its first year of life!
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