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The use of frozen semen has become popular over the past decade – not only to take advantage of the virtues of dogs long gone or stud dogs past their prime, but also offers other options not suitable for shipping chilled semen for your female. Using frozen allows breeders to do breedings across oceans or plan ahead to have semen on hand when the bitch is ready or the stud may be unavailable.

What AKC requires.

  1. Semen Collection Statement (Form ALFZ2)
  2. DNA for the sire (for stored dogs collected after 1998)
  3. Semen transfer letter
  4. Frozen Semen Litter Application (Form ALAIFZ)

Semen Collection Statement and DNA

The Vet/Facility collecting and storing semen must complete a Semen Collection Statement identifying the dog, number of units, form of Storage, unit identification number, and owner(s) information. If the stud dog does not have a DNA profile on file with AKC, DNA swabs should be collected and submitted to AKC with the DNA and Semen Collection forms.

Semen collected and stored after 10/1/1998 must have a DNA sample submitted. If one does not exist on file, a portion of the semen must be processed to provide the DNA.

For imported frozen semen, several items must accompany the litter application: A collection statement, a DNA sample, a certified 3 generation pedigree from the sire’s country of birth, and a letter transferring the semen to be used to the owner in the US.

Transferring Semen

There is no official AKC form at this time for documenting the transfer of semen to a new facility. Each facility typically provides their own form with the shipped samples that will identify the facility, the dog, the number of units, unit id number(s), and the collection date. This information will be recorded by the receiving vet or storage facility.

If semen is shipped for purposes of insemination (i.e. a litter application), only one owner of the semen is required to sign the Frozen Semen application as with the other litter applications for natural or chilled breedings.

If ownership of semen is being transferred to another party, please note, ALL owners of the dog or breeding unit(s) must sign a letter transferring the ownership of the semen just as would be done for transferring a dog. The letter should identify the facility shipped from and to, identify the dog, the quantity and id number(s) of the breeding units, the date collected, the name and signatures of the former owner(s) and the names and address of the new owners. This letter should be sent to AKC for recording.

Frozen Litter Application

The ‘Application to Register A Litter Resulting From Artificial Insemination Using Frozen Semen’ should be given to the vet that receives the semen and performs the insemination. At least one owner of the sire/breeding units must sign the application, as well as all owners or leasees of the dam.

The most common reasons that an application is delayed is that the Semen Collection Statement has not been provided for recording at AKC or that not all owners have signed for the transfer of semen.

With a little planning, the registration process should go smoothly. When planning a frozen AI breeding, ensure the sire owner has DNA on the male and if already collected, has submitted the Collection Statement. Print out your application ahead of time and provide it to your vet at the time of the breeding.

For further information

If you have any questions regarding the required documentation or procedures, please call or email AKC with your questions.
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