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The Breeder Toolkit is a valuable resource for breeders, and we are always looking for ways to make it even better. Here, learn about the latest improvements – and look for more great changes to come!

First, we’ve added a link that that will take you to our Breeder Programs & Services page. This page provides details on many of the great resources we provide to our valued breeders.

What else you’ll find:

  • Based on breeder feedback, the cards on the Breeder Toolkit page have been reordered.
  • More details are provided in the Manage Dogs and Manage Litters cards content. These are just a few new helpful hints on what you are able to do with each page.
  • Two new cards have been added:
    • Registration, where you will find shortcuts to:
      • Register a Dog
      • Transfer a Dog
      • Register a Foreign Dog
    • My Transactions This will show details of any transactions started while you are logged in to your MyAKC account. This will allow you to see if your items are still in process, completed or if you need to take further action on your end.

If you haven’t created your AKC Breeder Toolkit account yet, we encourage you to sign up for our free account today! Create an account here.