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As a breeder, you spend time and energy finding the perfect homes for your puppies. Once you find the best match, you want to be sure your puppies’ new families have all the information they need to get their pups off to a great start. Our newly updated AKC Puppy Folders allow you to do just that!

Based on more than 135 years of passion for purebred dogs, these folders include AKC materials on important topics including:

  • Preparing for day one with your puppy
  • Updated puppy vaccination schedule
  • How to get involved in AKC sports and events
  • Dangerous household products and foods
  • The benefits of AKC registration
  • Safety window decals
  • AKC Shop discounts
  • More!

In addition, you may customize the AKC Puppy Folder with your own information, including vaccination records and breed-specific materials.

Help New Puppy Owners Start Out Right

Handouts include helpful tips and answers to important first-day questions.

A Safe Place to Keep Important Records

Personalize pages with your puppies’ up-to-date vaccines.

Essential Reference Sheets

Easy-to-read charts and handouts are convenient for new puppy owners to keep on-hand and hang on the fridge.

Order New Puppy Folders For Your Next Litter

The new AKC Puppy Folders are available to order on the AKC Shop or during online litter registration.