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Dear AKC: My Bulldog will soon be having her first litter. What should be included in a puppy kit for the new owners? — Novice Breeder Needs

Dear Novice: A great way to insure a new puppy’s continued success with their new family is to provide an abundance of resources for each new owner. As a longtime breeder myself, compiling a bundle of resources and items, commonly known as the “puppy kit” is one of the fun administrative jobs of being a responsible breeder.

The best place to start when assembling the kit is to ask yourself, “What would I have wanted when I first got my 8-week-old puppy?” There are some my favorites to include:


AKC Registration papers
Vaccination history
Worming history
Pedigree & photos of sire and dam
AKC/CAR Microchip enrollment information
Training, housebreaking, sleeping, etc. tips


Several days of current food to help in the transition to new home and food
Coupons or literature from food manufacturers
Feeding schedule for puppy including growth increase amounts
List of recommended treats


New puppy collar
New leash
New toy
Old toy which brings the scent of his mother and littermates home with him

Additional materials

Parent Club information and newsletter
Book list — or a copy of your favorite recommended book
Magazine articles
Recommendations for area vets, groomers, and training classes


When each new puppy owner comes to pick up their cute new bundle of energetic joy, spend at least an hour with them and go over each item in the kit. Also, include all your contact information so that the new owner can reach you during those first weeks of puppy hood.
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