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Give your holiday puppy buyers the gift of an AKC Certified Pedigree and show off their puppies’ proud ancestry.

Pedigrees allow new puppy owners to learn their dog’s family tree – discover foreign ancestors, learn if the dog has a champion bloodline, see all other recorded titles, and any recorded health certifications.

AKC Certified Pedigrees are beautifully presented on watermarked, heavy stock paper with a gold embossed AKC seal.

You can share what makes the pup unique and provide interesting details that the new owner may not have otherwise known.

All information within an AKC pedigree is compiled from the AKC Stud Book records, which date back to 1875.  That rich history is one that should be shared with your new puppy owners.

Purchase an AKC Certified Pedigree from the AKC Store.  Choose the framed pedigree option to nicely display the pedigree and add a photo of the puppy they are taking home!

Visit the AKC Store: Certified Pedigrees