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The American Kennel Club (AKC) is excited to bring more new features online to help our valuable customers. Online Duplicates will allow you to order a duplicate litter kit, dog registration application or AKC certificate in a few quick, easy, and secure steps from the comfort of your living room!


To ensure the security of your AKC information, you must have a MyAKC account and be logged in to order duplicates. If the dog or litter is not associated with your account, you will be asked to provide information that only you should have. If you don’t have that information, you may be able to enter your information to submit an online research request for fulfillment.


To request a duplicate AKC certificate for a dog, you will need your dog’s registration number.  When you are logged into your MyAKC account, currently listed owners will be available to select and have the certificate mailed to the address on file. Breeder Toolkit users can access this great feature even more efficiently from Manage Dogs.  Simply expand the row for the dog you need to order the duplicate and click Order Duplicate Certificate.


If you need a duplicate litter kit (for a litter that no dogs have been registered), search by litter number and select from the owner’s contract information on file.  You can opt to purchase puppy folders for the new owners or an AKC Litter Certificate prior to checking out.


If duplicate dog registration applications are what you need, enter the litter number and total duplicate applications you need.  Select the owner on file and checkout!


Ordering duplicates has never been faster or easier – try it today!