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Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy sitting with its owner in the grass.

The American Kennel Club is pleased to announce another addition to your Breeder Toolkit – dog owners can now order a duplicate registration certificate with just a few clicks online!

Current users of Breeder Toolkit can order a duplicate certificate by going into Manage Dogs and expanding the row for the dog.  Just under the status column you will see the option “Order Duplicate Certificate.”

Simply click, select the owner (when necessary) and verify the address.  Once you have verified all the information, complete your purchase, and that’s it.  A receipt will be sent to the billing email address indicated.

An electronic certificate will be sent to the email associated with the mailing address indicated – within minutes! The paper certificate will be mailed to you the next business day.

If you are not using Breeder Toolkit, this is another reason to get started today.  Breeder Toolkit already contains many features that offer faster response times to receive things like a duplicate certificate, purchasing prepay and electronic litter kits, with many more features planned to be added in the future.

Additional current offerings include registering and managing your litters electronically, managing your breeding records and accessing breeder and competitor reports, and quick access to AKC Marketplace, AKC Pet Insurance and AKC Reunite microchip services.

Read more about these exciting capabilities here – AKC Breeder Toolkit then create your account.  Current MYAKC users can transfer their current account so all information you maintain now will still be available.