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Each year, the American Kennel Club and Theriogenology Foundation hold a series of seminars geared toward educating breeders, members of the veterinary community or anyone interested in dog breeding, about healthy breeding practices including the latest research in canine reproduction.

The AKC Breeder of Excellence Symposiums are held at multiple locations nationwide throughout the year with a goal of advancing the health and safety of breeding stock and puppies.

Hosted by the AKC and the Theriogenology Foundation, the seminars are funded by generous donations from various organizations and individuals including the AKC, AKC Canine Health Foundation and AKC Veterinary Outreach Program.

The most recent symposium took place on Oct. 1 at the N.C. State University School of Veterinary Medicine in Raleigh, NC. This was the fifth consecutive year the university has hosted the event.

The one-day symposium featured lectures from well-respected members of the veterinary reproductive community, all who graciously shared their knowledge with the goal of helping breeders produce healthier puppies and dogs.

The seminar focused on Current Standards of Pregnancy Management and Perinatal Care for Bitches and Puppies. Topics covered included Normal Pregnancy and Whelping Management, Planning Cesarean Sections, Puppy Care at Birth, Puppy Care in the First Week of Life, and Preventative Care for Puppies at Home.

The lectures are very comprehensive but also provide practical, relevant information that is applicable to the everyday needs of breeders. The speakers welcome questions and are willing to expound on topics of interest.

The next AKC Breeder of Excellence Symposium will be held during the AKC National Championship (hosted by Royal Canin) in Orlando, FL, on December 16. This final seminar of 2016 will cover topics including Reproductive Nutrition, Neonatology, Top Five Breeding Challenges and How to Avoid Them, and Genetic Testing.

Take advantage of this educational opportunity provided to you by the AKC. Educating yourself will not only give yourself and your puppies an advantage, but will also give you the ability to educate others and help advance healthy dog breeding nationwide.

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