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Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Dog Breeding for Beginners: What You Should Know
Planning a litter of puppies? Margaret V. Root Kustritz, DVM, Ph.D, DACT, professor of small animal reproduction at the University of Minnesota, answers frequently asked questions from breeders preparing to breed that promising next litter. How Often Do Dogs Go Into Heat? Bitches should have an obvious heat cycle by 24 months of age. Although […] | August 27, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?
One of the amazing things about dogs is their noses and their ability to detect and remember scents, long after being exposed to the original odor. When a woman is pregnant, the hormones in her body are likely to alter her scent in some way. So, can dogs sense pregnancy? Because of their keen sense of smell, […] | August 2, 2018
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Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Get Your Brood Bitch in Top Shape to Give Birth
To raise strong, healthy puppies, you need a strong, healthy brood bitch. As a breeder, you choose your potential brood bitch carefully, probably earning conformation and/or performance titles with her and making sure she has all the health and genetic testing recommended for the breed. Extensive research goes into choosing a worthy sire that has […] | July 11, 2018
Expert Advice: General Health Spaying and Neutering Your Puppy or Adult Dog: Questions and Answers
If you’ve recently welcomed a new puppy or dog into your life, you might be wondering whether you should have your canine companion spayed or neutered. Below are answers to some of the most common questions people have about these surgeries. What is the difference between spay and neuter? Spaying. A “spay,” or ovariohysterectomy, is a […] | June 14, 2018
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding A Canine Mother’s Love: How She Encourages Independence in Her Pups
In honor of Mother’s Day, it’s important to recognize all kinds of moms, including the canine variety that are the first sign of love and protection for newborn puppies. “What you’ll see on day one is a mother who doesn’t want to be away from her pups for more than a second,” says Dr. Ann […] | May 11, 2018
Expert Advice: Breeding Tips & Best Practices Allan Unleashed: Juggling the Numbers Game
  As active breeder-exhibitors, much of our lives are tied up in numbers. Progesterone testing. Gestation periods. Keeping track of puppy weight gain. AKC registration numbers. Tabulating majors and point totals as we show our next generation of young hopefuls. One of the most important numbers we must keep in mind at all times is […] | August 7, 2017
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Expert Advice: Responsible Breeding A Danger for Intact Females: Pyometra
Pyometra can be a tragic illness that is found in reproductively intact bitches. The condition can be a medical emergency, but knowing the risk factors and signs to look for can make early detection possible. The earlier pyometra is detected, the better the chance for successful treatment. Symptoms: Pyometra is typically seen in middle-age bitches […] | July 5, 2017
Expert Advice: Feature Raising Newborn Puppies
  Once the anticipation and waiting are over, and your pregnant dog has successfully delivered her new litter of puppies into the world, it is time to roll up your sleeves and dig into the business of caring for your newborn puppies. This care starts even before the puppies are born, but the moment they […] | June 8, 2017
Expert Advice: Breeding Tips & Best Practices Why Picking a Breeder Is Just as Important As Picking a Puppy
  You want to add a new dog to the family and have decided on the breed. You are excited about bringing a puppy home, but now a different search begins — for the right breeder. Adding a puppy to the family is a big decision to be made carefully, not impulsively. Selecting a responsible […] | May 31, 2017
Expert Advice: General Health Panacur For Dogs
  Every once in awhile, your veterinarian gives you unpleasant news. Sometimes, that news sounds like this: “Your dog has worms.” Nobody wants to hear that her dog has internal parasites, but worms in dogs are more common than you might think. They are also usually treatable. One of the medications veterinarians frequently prescribe for […] | May 31, 2017

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