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By the end of 2022, there were over 3.8 million pets insured in the United States, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. In recent years, many AKC breeders have started sharing their knowledge of the importance of pet insurance with their new puppy owners. While the offer of 30 days of accident and illness pet insurance that comes with AKC registration is a great introduction, many puppy owners rely on the wisdom of their breeders to fully understand how important a tool pet insurance can be during the life of their dog.

The Importance of Sharing Your Knowledge with Puppy Owners

Encouraging your puppy owners to enroll in a pet insurance policy early on is a great way to set your puppies up for healthy new lives. Pet owners with policies from AKC Pet Insurance are better able to choose the highest quality care for their dog when it’s needed, rather than worrying over the cost. Breeders who’d like to provide more information to their puppy owners can contact their breeder support specialist to request brochures or complimentary pet safety handbooks. Don’t forget to remind your new puppy owners that when they complete registration with the AKC, they’ll receive 30 days of accident and illness pet insurance as well.

We’ve already covered the common misconceptions pet owners have about pet insurance, but it’s just as important to explain the many ways pet insurance can help your puppy owners provide the best care for their pups:

Dealing with Accidents

Puppies are curious creatures, which means it often seems as though they seek out trouble anywhere they can find it. If you’re still unsure about the value of pet insurance, consider that in the United States, a pet receives emergency veterinary care every 2.5 seconds. Plus, one in three pets needs emergency care each year. AKC Pet Insurance has seen a variety of accident-related claims for puppies ranging from broken bones to digestive issues. Having pet insurance allows a puppy owner to have peace of mind, knowing they have protection from potentially costly veterinary bills.

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Handling Unexpected Illnesses

Even the most careful pet owner can find themselves in a situation where their dog has contracted an illness. Some common puppy illnesses include ear infections and allergies, however, pet insurance can also help reimburse towards more significant illness-related vet bills for conditions such as cancer or hypothyroidism. In cases of more serious illnesses, pet insurance may also cover visits to specialists. This ensures that a dog can receive specialized care without their owner worrying about the potential costs of treatment.

Seeking Alternative and Holistic Treatments

Increasingly, vets are looking to holistic and alternative treatments to supplement conventional methods. With pet insurance, puppy owners can choose to pursue a combination of conventional and alternative treatment options for their dog. Many therapies, such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy, can be eligible for coverage under a pet insurance policy. This ensures that pet owners have the flexibility to consider these treatment options, without shouldering the entire financial burden.

Encouraging Wellness and Routine Care

Most breeders already relay the importance of an annual wellness check for the puppies they’re sending home. But with insurance coverage, puppy owners are more likely to seek medical attention for their pets, including preventative care. From a puppy’s first wellness visit to check-ups throughout their life, pet insurance wellness coverage can reimburse towards vaccinations, flea and tick preventatives, and much more.

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Handling Exam Fees

Pet owners aren’t always aware of which expenses are reimbursable, including some fees that come with just walking in the door at a veterinarian’s office. Veterinary clinic exam fees can start around $45 a visit and in some places can be as high as $100! With pet insurance, new puppy owners can avoid worrying about the upfront costs of veterinary care. Plus, it also allows pet owners more flexibility to budget for and manage veterinary care expenses.

Treating Hereditary and Congenital Conditions

AKC Pet Insurance also offers coverage for curable and incurable pre-existing conditions. This coverage option encompasses conditions considered hereditary or congenital and other chronic conditions that may crop up over the years. A few examples of conditions that may be eligible for coverage would be heart disease, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and diabetes. Many of these conditions often require specialized care or long-term treatment. Pet insurance also helps with preventative care costs to help keep your puppy in top shape while they’re young.

*Insurance is underwritten and issued by Independence American Insurance Company, rated A- (Excellent) by AM Best Company, with offices at 485 Madison Ave, NY, NY 10022 and in WA, by American Pet Insurance Company, 6100 4th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98108. Insurance plans are offered and administered by PetPartners, Inc., a licensed agency. “American Kennel Club,” “AKC” and the AKC logo are trademarks of The American Kennel Club, Inc.; used under license by PetPartners. “AKC Pet Insurance” is the name used by PetPartners to offer and administer insurance plans and is neither an American Kennel Club business nor an insurance company. American Kennel Club does not offer, administer, solicit, market or sell any insurance plans. Eligibility restrictions apply. For complete details refer to

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