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Puppies are a lot of wonderful things – snuggly, playful, spirited – but sometimes they can be a little too curious for their own good. No matter how puppy-proofed a home is or how careful owners are, puppies have a way of finding trouble. We’ve chosen six pet health insurance claims in which puppies (under the age of 12 months) managed to create some serious trouble for themselves!

Ingestion of Foreign Bodies

Most puppies are extremely food motivated, which helps make training considerably easier! Unfortunately, puppies tend to follow the mindset of eating first and determine if it is edible later. Some of the most expensive pet insurance claims come in the form of a puppy who has eaten something that he shouldn’t have. Foreign body ingestion is one of the top puppy claims every year!

Corn Cob Conundrum

One curious puppy was enjoying a fun night when she realized that a trash bag had been left unattended. Without hesitation, she began chowing down on the delicious-smelling corn cob sitting on the top of the trash pile. While several vegetables, such as corn, have nutritional benefits for dogs, the cob can be dangerous as it often will cause an intestinal blockage. When her owners realized their pup had eaten something that was causing her distress, they rushed to their veterinarian. Two X-rays, a surgery to remove the cob, and $2,400 later, their puppy was back to her normal self.

Toy Trouble

While many dog toys promote that they are “puppy safe,” it is important to supervise with any toy. One owner of a determined Golden Retriever puppy learned this lesson the hard way when her new dog ate the squeaker from a toy resulting in $5,055 in veterinary bills. The young puppy had been vomiting off and on for several days when her owners brought her to their veterinarian. An ultrasound showed an obstruction in her small intestine, and she was kept for observation for the following two nights. On the third day, another ultrasound showed the obstruction was no longer moving through the intestinal tract. Surgery was performed to remove the squeaker toy.

An Unexpected Snack

A 12-week-old Havanese was rushed to the emergency veterinarian after his owner suspected that he had eaten two of the metal letters off of the dishwasher. After his veterinarian performed abdominal radiographs and determined the letters should pass naturally, the puppy’s owner was able to take him home under observation. The young puppy passed the metal letters; however, his owner was left with a $441 bill for the radiographs and emergency exam visit.

Broken/Fractured Bone

Young dogs are seemingly accident-prone, and some of the worst accidents result in broken or fractured bones. While many puppies take a tumble and shake it off, sometimes they end up injured. Because a puppy’s bones won’t reach maximum strength until after puberty, a sudden impact will often result in a fracture or break. This type of injury is costly between diagnostics to determine the type of fracture/break and providing the best treatment. Many dogs require some form of physical therapy after more severe breaks, which means incurring additional costs for complementary treatments to get a puppy back on his paws.

Misjudged Heights

A French Bulldog puppy was enjoying an afternoon snuggling on the couch when he saw his favorite toy peeking from underneath the coffee table. Ready to play, he leaped off the couch and immediately realized his mistake as he tumbled to the ground. Noticing that their new puppy was hurt, the owners rushed him to the veterinarian where he was diagnosed with a severe humerus fracture. The puppy underwent surgery and, after several months, was back to his usual playful self. His owners, unfortunately, paid a veterinary bill of $2,689.

Chewing Concerns

While puppies learn how to go up and down the stairs, they spend a lot of time playing on the steps. One unsupervised Collie was chewing on the spindles of the stair railing in his home when his tooth got stuck. In a panic, he yanked himself free, but he fractured his tooth in the process. His veterinarian extracted the tooth and provided medications for a total bill of $318.

Learning to Play

Toy Manchester Terriers are known for their spirited and athletic nature. This trait got a 7-month-old puppy in trouble when he was playing on the kitchen table with his family’s cat. When the cat decided she was bored of the game, she shoved the puppy off the table. The family rushed to the emergency veterinary clinic where the puppy was diagnosed with a severe break. Ultimately, he had a metal plate inserted into his leg. After several weeks of rest and physical therapy, the puppy was back on his feet; however, his owners were left paying off a veterinary bill for $1,709!

The Value of Pet Insurance

Luckily, the puppy owners in each of these scenarios had a policy with AKC Pet Insurance. Knowing they would be reimbursed for diagnostic and treatment costs covered by their policies, owners were able to choose the best treatment options for their puppy.

Puppies bring so much joy into our lives, and while these common diseases can occur, you can treat them with proper veterinary care. Pet insurance from providers like the Accident and Illness plan from AKC Pet Insurance can ease your mind when it comes to expensive vet bills. With custom add-ons for exam fees and an optional Wellness plan that covers vaccination, you can relax knowing your puppy is cared for. Get a quote today and learn more about everything AKC Pet Insurance has to offer.
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