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Knowing the right questions to ask prospective owners helps breeders get a feel for the type of home they will provide. As breeders it’s important to make sure to provide them with the information they need (the breed’s activity level and grooming needs, for example) to accurately answer these questions.

Here are 10 questions to start with:

1.  Why do you and your family want a dog? Why have you chosen this particular breed?

2.  Who will be primarily responsible for the dog's care?

3.  Do you have the time to meet the demanding needs of the puppy/dog? Time for feeding, training and exercise?

4.  Do you have children? If so, how old are they? How would they be instructed in the care of the dog?

5.  Does anyone in the household have allergies?

6.  Are you committed to the grooming and health maintenance?

7.  What is the potential owner's attitude toward training and obedience?

8.  How often is someone at home?

9.  How much time will you have to walk and play with the dog?

10. What will happen to the puppy if you can no longer care for him?

And when the answers to the question are satisfactory, you will send your pup off knowing they are in good hands and find gratification by phone calls and letters describing your puppies' first tooth falling out, birthday parties, and other milestones. You'll be thrilled to receive photos of a puppy's first show win or portraits with the puppy right in the middle of a happy family.