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Basenji nursing a litter of puppies.
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  • The AKC Breeder Toolkit will be unveiled in Spring 2020, replacing the current Online Record Keeping System.
  • Features include Litter Registration, Breeding Records, Litter Coupons, and more.
  • AKC Breeder Toolkit will be a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all breeder interactions.

The American Kennel Club strives to support our valued breeders in every possible way, so in Spring 2020we will release the AKC Breeder Toolkit, which will replace the current Online Record Keeping System (ORKS) 

The new Toolkit will incorporate Litter and Dog Management, Litter Registration and Coupons, Breeding Records, Online Reports, and much more into one convenient platform.   

Personalize and maintain a list of AKC dogs you own or want to follow under the Manage Dogs tab.  Filter your view to limit results, or search for any dog by name.  Mark a dog as a favorite, or hide a dog that you are no longer interested in seeing regularly.  Each dog will have an expandable “drawer” for viewing additional details, such as Owners, Litter of Originand Titles & Points Earned.  Easily save or print a PDF of your dogs record, or download entry forms for any dogs you are showing. 

Breeding Records will allow you to track matings and births through your official AKC Litter Record.  Filters here include All Records, Your Dogs and Bitches, Date Range, and Dog Name, making for a smoother search experience.  View the current status of your puppies’ registrations under the Puppies tab, or take action to register your dog from the same page.  If you were a previous user of ORKS, any information you have there will be transitioned into Breeding Records for your convenience.   

With Manage Litters, you can view your official AKC Litter Records, register puppies, and maintain ownership records for each puppy in the litter.   You may also view how many pups from the litter have been registered, or filter your litters by a date range or litter number.   

Another exciting addition to the Breeder Toolkit is online Litter Coupons.  View the number of pups registered from each litter, as well as the percentage of registered pups.  Expand the litter drawer to see which puppies are not registered, and register them right there on the spot!  Once 100% registration is reached for that litter, you can access your litter coupon directly from the Toolkit.   

Direct links to AKC Marketplace and additional breeder resources will also be available from this single location in the first iteration.  The goal of the AKC Breeder Toolkit is to create a single platform where all AKC Breeder interactions can be done from one single point of entry.  

 The American Kennel Club is proud to provide this enhanced service to our customers.  Stay on the lookout for more exciting features and updates to be released in the future!
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