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The AKC is excited to announce that you now have the option to receive your AKC Litter Kit electronically.

With this option you will receive a PDF version of each dog registration application.  And you have two ways to purchase them!

Online Litters Registration – Under Step 3 in the registration process, you will see optional delivery choices.  Select ‘Electronic,’ and you will receive printable pdf’s of the litter kit via email.  From the “Your Litter Kit Has Arrived” email, which you should receive shortly after completion of the litter registration, click ‘Download Litter Kit’ to access the pdf version and print or save.

Breeder Toolkit  – Create or log in to your Breeder Toolkit account. Once you are logged in, go to the Manage Litters card. For any registered litter that does not have all puppies registered, click ‘Purchase Options’ and select ‘Purchase an Electronic Litter Kit. ‘Follow the simple steps to get your Electronic Litter Kit.

Once your Breeder Toolkit purchase is complete, the Options column will display ‘Download Litter Kit’ (note – you may need to refresh your browser, but wait time is minimal).  Click the link, and your pdf for the full litter will be available to view, download or print.  To get the application for individual pups, expand the litter and click print pdf for the specific puppy.

Registering your litter by paper? While you cannot purchase an electronic litter kit during the paper litter application process, you can go into Breeder Toolkit to purchase Electronic Litter Kits once the litter is complete. This includes Frozen Semen, Fresh Semen and Fresh Extended.

Regardless of the option you choose, the download is always available in Breeder Toolkit under Manage Litters.  When you are ready, simply print and sign the application(s) to provide to your new puppy owners.  You no longer have to wait for processing and mailing time to receive your litter kits.

The American Kennel Club is proud to bring these new features to breeders, making getting your litter kits for puppy buyers quicker and easier!