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Taking Command March 2018

What’s New From GR – March 2018

March came in like a lion and continues to roar for the American Kennel Club’s Government Relations department. The GR department is currently tracking over 1,860 pieces of legislation to ensure that your rights as a dog owner, breeder, and fancier are not infringed upon. As always, if you are aware of a new local policy that affects responsible dog ownership, please let us know by email or calling 919-816-3720.

Did you know campaigning for the mid-term elections is picking up stronger than ever? It is imperative that your club lets your legislator and potential candidates know about all the good things your club and responsible breeding are doing for your community. Whether it is inviting your legislator to your show or event, or writing letters to introduce yourself and your club, establishing thoughtful communication is key to developing a quality relationship with your legislators. Please check out this flyer on how to communicate effectively with your legislator, and feel free to share it with members of your club.

And while you’re communicating, make sure to mention the great economic impact that local AKC dog events have on the economy. The AKC sanctions thousands of dog events each year, which generate significant economic benefits to local communities in addition to the billions of dollars AKC dog owners in spend annually on their dogs. The AKC conducts ongoing research regarding the economic impact of AKC events in localities throughout your state, as well as of AKC registered dogs in the state. Surveys demonstrate that exhibitors at AKC conformation dog shows spend an average of $685 per show weekend. This means spending by AKC dog show exhibitors for a show weekend could inject more than $1.7 million into your local economy. And because AKC dog shows are an educational and family-friendly event, spectator gates can generate additional revenues.

The AKC has just released the 2017 State Economic Impact Statistics. Make sure to look up your state to see the number of state clubs and how many events your state hosted in 2017. This information will be very useful when working with your legislator and your state and local government. After working with your legislator, if you believe they have done an exceptional job, please consider nominating them for Legislator of the Year!

Whether you are actively fighting legislation, or looking to help spread the word about these important issues during the 2018 mid-term election, the AKC Government Relations team is here to help you!  Contact AKC Government Relations if we can be of assistance at or 919-816-3720. We are proud to partner with all of you in this important fight.