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Photograph by Wonderfur Photography

Best of luck to these super speedy All American Dogs who have been invited to the  2023 Fast CAT Invitational to be held Tuesday, December 12 through Saturday, December 16 in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center. The top five dogs in each height class are qualified to compete.



  1. Saluq’s Athena CA FCAT owned by Jo Ann Chase of Chaska, MN
  2. Inmy Wheel House owned by Juliette Biondi of Chickamauga, GA
  3. Sincity’s Veritaserum CAX FCAT6 FM DJ CGCA CGCU TKA VHMA (pictured) owned by Katie Weihbrecht of Iowa City, IA
  4. Yago FDC CAX FCAT3 CGC TKN owned by Nicole Barnes of Grovetown, GA
  5. Bam Of Pennridge DCAT owned by Claudia Daniela Young of Clarksville, TN



  1. Hot Rod’s Superfruit DCAT owned by Jamiesue Scebold of Omaha, NE
  2. Black Ink FCAT5 owned by Jennifer Smith of Burton, MI
  3. Ken’s Bow CAA FCAT9 owned by Ken Harpley of Palmetto, FL
  4. Heritagepoint’s I Came Here To Win BCAT TKA owned by Vanessa St Pierre of Brockton, WA
  5. This Girl Is On Fire AX MXJ NF CA FCAT3 RATN owned by Karen Skoyec of Venice, FL



  1. Ms Mutts Mr. Mags BCAT CGC TKN owned by Mary Francis Mangum of Byhalia, MS
  2. Sparks II CA DCAT RATS DS CGCU TKN ATT owned by Gayle Morton of Tallahassee, FL
  3. Cleopatra Queen Of The Fox RN OA AXJ NF FCAT4 TKN owned by Yvonne A Smith of West Dundee, IL
  4. Wasabi Spicy Tuna Roll CA FCAT7 SWN owned by Lauren Mary Dale of Muncie, IN
  5. Miss Brindi Brindle FCAT4 owned by Evette Danielak of Three Lakes, WI

For more information about how to enjoy this exciting event, click here.