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Expert Advice: Training Four Lifesaving Training Games to Teach Your Dog
Training your dog to come when called is a lifesaving skill that owners must take the time to teach to puppies and older untrained dogs. But perfecting the response to this command doesn’t happen overnight, especially with easily spooked or distracted dogs. I teach these training games as a safeguard, in case a dog gets […] | January 14, 2019
Expert Advice: News 10 Tricks to Make Halloween a Treat for Your Dog
Halloween can be a fun time for children and families. But for dogs, it can be a nightmare. Here's what you can do to prevent a night of frights. Candy is not for dogs. All forms of chocolate—especially baking or dark chocolate—can be dangerous, and even lethal. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning may include vomiting, diarrhea, […] | October 23, 2018
Expert Advice: Training How to Teach Your Dog Scent Work
You don’t have to own a military or police K-9 to teach your dog how to recognize a scent. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your house. What’s AKC Scent Work? AKC Scent Work is a sport that mimics the task of working detection dogs to locate a scent (e.g., explosives or narcotics) and communicate to […] | February 15, 2018
Expert Advice: Advanced Training Is Your Dog Right for Therapy Work?
You’ve likely heard a heartwarming story of a therapy dog helping someone in need—whether it’s a pet curling up with an elderly individual at a nursing home, sitting with a young child during a chemo treatment, or even helping students overcome bullying. There are many different facets of this type of work, but they all […] | October 24, 2016
Expert Advice: Advanced Training Games to Exercise Your Dog’s Body and Mind
Recently, a student came to class complaining that she had taken her two-year-old Labrador Retriever for a three-mile run, then left to pick up her son from school, and when she returned home she found that her dog had shredded two couch pillows and was in the middle of chewing the leg off her kitchen […] | October 18, 2016
Expert Advice: Basic Training How to Teach Your Kids to Train the Dog
Sometimes the biggest challenge in dog training can be preventing a well-meaning family member from sabotaging the process. In some respects, teaching people how to train their dog is the equivalent of asking them to be the student and the teacher at the same time. And because consistency is key with dog training, it gets […] | October 5, 2016
Expert Advice: Basic Training Could Your Spouse Be Wrecking Your Dog’s Training?
  Let’s face it: some of our loved ones have, shall we say, challenging personalities that can throw a wrench into the dog-training process. Here’s how to handle some of the top culprits without destroying your relationship and while still effectively training the dog. The Empathizer: They love your dog, identify with his struggles, and […] | October 5, 2016
Expert Advice: Basic Training How To Teach Your Dog To Come When Called
Your dog has spotted a squirrel and is running after it in the direction of the road as a truck is barreling toward him. You yell, “Come!” as loudly as you can. What happens? Does your dog pivot and run back to you, avoiding a potentially life-ending injury? Or, does he make the ultimate mistake […] | August 22, 2016
Expert Advice: Basic Training How to Read Dog Body Language
There may not be a Rosetta Stone program for learning canine body language, but with a few tips and a little common sense, you’ll be deciphering dog-talk like a pro in no time. I always tell my students that by welcoming a dog into their life, they’re obligated not only to provide food, love, and […] | August 9, 2016
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog How to Unleash Your Dog’s Super Sense of Smell
To say that dogs are super smellers is an understatement. Whether it’s the ground during a walk, another dog during a meet-and-greet, or your friend when she walks into your house, chances are your dog leads with his nose to get information he can’t get with his eyes alone. That’s because your dog’s sense of […] | August 9, 2016

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