Family Dog

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The Eyes Have It
A strong focus on those windows into the canine soul was one uni-fying theme among the winning images from our our annual AKC Publications Photo Contest.

Prime Time
These are the days when any-thing seems possible and every-thing is a joy.

Jim the Wonder Dog
Was this canine genius the real thing?

Must Love Dobes
Can large, active dogs and their people live happily in one of the world’s biggest and busiest cities? The answer may be Gang rules.


Your Family Dog
Where your dog is the star.

Paw Prints
Latest news flashes from the dog world, plus health tips and hot trends.

Good Grooming
Roxanne Hawn guides readers to a clean and well-coiffed canine.

Ask Dr. Kevin
Veterinarian Kevin Fitzgerald answers readers' questions.

Training & Behavior
Practical, down-to-earth tips help you bring out the best in your pet.

The Ace Files
Stories of extraordinary dogs and the people who love them.

Health & Nutrition
A veterinarian offers advice on preventing and treating canine ailments.

Dogsport 101
The world of AKC sports and activities.

Once Upon a Dog
A look at famous dogs of the past, real and imaginary.

Why Does My Dog Do That?
Dr.Stanley explains your dog's oddest behavior.

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