AKC Dog Show Patch Program 

The AKC Dog Show Patch Program is a wonderful blend of fun and facts, which allows children to learn about AKC purebred dogs and dog shows. While originally created for Girls Scouts, the program is appropriate for Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Y-Guides and other youth groups. The lessons include: learning the 7 AKC breed groups, different events at an AKC dog show, a dog is a lifetime responsibility, a dog’s basic needs, and much more. In addition to the Patch Program, there is a structured tip sheet, complete with referenced AKC materials to help children and their parents/troop leaders learn. There is also a Dog Show Patch that each child earns at the end of their dog show day!   

See the links below to view, download and print the documents to run the program.


How to Run the Program

Click to view a 1-page guideline with instructions on running the program at your own show.


Leader's Tip Sheet

Please print one tip sheet per troop and bring with you to the dog show.


Children's Packet

Please print one per child and bring with you to the dog show.


To learn more, email publiced@akc.org.

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