New Breed Judge Application and Procedures

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The following forms will need to be entirely completed, printed and submitted to the office: New Breed Questionnaire, New Breed Synopsis, 12-5-4 form or New Breed Alternate Method, Junior Showmanship Application, (if applying) Occupational Eligibility Addendum and all exams (Procedural, Anatomy and JS) Note: The questionnaire, new breed synopsis, 12-5-4 form and the new breed alternative method forms may be downloaded and saved onto your computer; allowing you to complete, save, print the forms and submit to the office. Remember to sign and date all forms, credit card information will need to be handwritten.  Altered applications will not be accepted. Call Judging Operations at 919-816-3562 or e-mail


THE KIT PRICE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO $30, please call Judging Operations at 919-816-3589. Kit will include everything listed above in addition four booklets (Rules Applying to Dog Show, Rules, Policies and Guidelines for Conformation Dog Show Judges, Dealing with Misconduct, and Junior Showmanship).