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Requesting Regular Status

Requesting Regular Status

Permit and Regular Status

Effective January 1, 2018: regular status may be requested upon completion of three permit assignments with dogs present and judged, and having been observed three times by different AKC Executive Field Representatives from any combination of breeds submitted for regular status.  Regular status may be requested in any combination of permit breeds.

For Low Entry Breeds Only – if standard criteria cannot be met, regular status may be requested after the completion of six permit assignments regardless of the number of dogs present and judged.

Judges may request regular status by completing the Requesting Regular Status Form and forward to Judging Operations Department. The judge shall notify the Department upon completion of Permit status for each breed and shall be designated as being approved with Regular Status thereafter.

An “assignment” is an approval by the AKC to judge a breed at a conformation show offering championship points. The number of breeds for which a judge may be approved upon Permit status is limited in accordance with the Matrix, Part 4; found on page 2 of the Judging Approval Process

Please use the Request for Regular status form indicated below. This may be mailed, faxed or emailed. (Do not mail if submitted by fax or email.) Review your contact information carefully.

Any questions on the above may be directed to the Judging Operations Department at 919-816-3570 or email