Search and Rescue Dog Saves Lives After Earthquake in Mexico



Frida the Labrador Retriever is a hero. Not only is she a sniffer dog and member of the Mexican Navy, but she's also credited with saving 52 lives in various natural disasters, the Guardian reports.

Most recently, Frida has been hailed as a national hero after her deployment to search for victims following an earthquake on Sept. 19.

According to USA Today, the Mexican Navy says Frida has a sixth sense for finding humans, unlike any other dog they've trained.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, Frida and other rescue dogs searched and found victims buried in rubble. Pictures of Frida in her goggles, booties, and vest circled around the Internet, making her an instant celebrity.

She was even recognized by the office of the President of Mexico on Twitter.

Reporter Franc Contreras in Mexico City went to meet Frida and commented on her ability to instill hope after the earthquake.

"After this disaster, you could really see the country pulling together and somehow, you know, these furry creatures on the scene helped lift people's spirits," he said.

See Frida in action in the video below.

Learn more about search and rescue dogs like Frida, here.

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