Drool is Cool And Other Mastiff Musings From Dr. Bill Newman

The late Dr. Bill Newman was an AKC board member, Mastiff man supreme, and a longtime friend of the Gazette. We remember the good doctor with a sampler of his wit and wisdom.



dr bill newman

• On Mastiffs: “What upsets me, when they lie on me and enfold me, is how people can use and abuse them for their financial gain, not knowing how loving, caring, and sensitive they are. When you are blessed with having the very best, how can you not feel the love and responsibility of protecting them and their offspring? In some respects, I feel as if I am honor bound to teach others the beauty of such a magnificent animal, and the responsibility we have to protect and nurture it.”

  • On drool: “If you love something, you love it with all its faults. The correct head structure, the jowls of the Mastiff, produce drool. If you want perfection, die and go to heaven.”
  • On meeting his first Mastiff, at the home of a friend: “The dog came out of the bedroom, took one look at me, and turned around, as if to say, Well, he’s not worth bothering with. Then he walked back into the bedroom. He actually looked down his nose at me, as if I wasn’t worthy to spend time with. It wasn’t like he came charging or growling. He just sauntered out, looked at me in the face, and it was like he said oh and walked away. Boy, had I been put down. “Mastiffs are royal creatures. They are to the manor born.”
  • On Ch. Renrock’s Brian O’Dare, his first champion: “When I got Brian I said that’s it, he and I are bound at the hip. He wasn’t even 4 months old, and I put him in the back of my Cadillac convertible and drove him down to spring break in Fort Lauderdale. We went to the beach, walked up and down the streets. We went everywhere together. And he was perfect. We just had to be together.”
  • A judge’s prayer: “Hail Mary, full of grace, send me a dog I can place.”