5 Ways The Portuguese Water Dog Was Built for Water

The Portuguese Water Dog, was first bred on the coast of Portugal to assist fishermen with their daily catch. Though today they serve as family companions and are happy doing almost anything, they require regular exercise to be their best selves. And what's their exercise of choice? Swimming, of course! They certainly haven't forgotten their roots. Here's how these canines were built for the water.

1. The Portuguese Water Dog has a thick, curly, waterproof coat, so constant exposure to water isn't a problem.


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2. A well-built breed, these guys have the ability to swim for extended periods of time without tiring out--even when they have a playmate.

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3. And those webbed feet certainly help; such wide paws allow them to cover more distance at a quick and easy pace.


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4. They're very intelligent and enthusiastic, always finding new ways to make the experience fun.

5. And they're strong-willed, ready to dive head first into any aquatic challenge if it means pleasing their owner and getting a job done.


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