Teaching “Go to Your Place”

Teaching your dog to go to a specific place is helpful when you need him to stay in one place for a short period of time. For example, a worker is coming into the house and you need to make sure your dog is not under foot.

Here's how you teach this.

  1. Choose the place to which you’ll send the dog such as a dog bed in the corner of the living room.
  2. Choose the word you'll use to send the dog such as, "Place."
  3. Make sure your dog has a reliable down-stay before beginning.
  4. Get some treats ready to start the training. Stand in front of the bed with the dog at your side, say, "Place" and use the treat to lure the dog onto the bed.
  5. When the dog is on the bed, give him the treat. After several trials, require the dog to "down" before he gets the treat.
  6. Next you will start backing up and sending the dog to his "Place" from a few feet away. In the beginning, reinforce the dog with a food treat every time he goes to his place.
  7. Over time, you will send the dog to the "Place" from farther away, and you’ll add time to the length of time he stays in his place.
  8. When the dog is in his place, start moving around the room while he remains in a down-stay on the bed.
  9. Finally, practice having someone ring the doorbell and come into the house while the dog is in his "Place."
  10. Fade the food treats once your dog has learned the skill.

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