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Cavalier begging

When you sit down to eat dinner, does your dog try to get in on the action?  It’s hard to resist sharing your meal with your dog when he looks up at you with those eyes, but begging can quickly become a problem.  To help owners teach their dog to kick the bad habit, the AKC offers tips on how to stop begging at the table before it becomes a nuisance.

  • Be consistent.  Do not give in when your dog begs you.  You need to ignore the begging all the time, and make sure friends and family members do the same.  Consistency is key to changing your dog’s behavior.
  • Feed your dog before yourself.  You should feed your dog before you sit down to eat.  That way, you’ll have a dog who is not hungry and is more apt to settle down.  If you’re looking for something to keep your dog full (and is also great for him) you might want to consider Purina® Pro Plan® Savor®. With real meat has the number one ingredient, you’ll make sure that mealtime is sensational and your dog will be less likely to beg for your food.
  • Teach basic skills.  Another way to manage your dog during meal times is to have taught basic skills such as a reliable down-stay.  This alternative behavior can be used to deter begging.
  • Reward good behavior.  Don’t forget to reward your pooch for a job well done.  If your dog has been well-behaved throughout the meal then take one of his favorite treats from Purina® Pro Plan®, like Roasted Slices made with real chicken and put it in his dish. Your dog will learn this routine and might start to wait by his dish for a treat.
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