AKC Breeds by Group - Herding

The Herding Group, created in 1983, is the newest AKC classification; its members were formerly members of the Working Group. All breeds share the fabulous ability to control the movement of other animals. A remarkable example is the low-set Corgi, perhaps one foot tall at the shoulders, that can drive a herd of cows many times its size to pasture by leaping and nipping at their heels. The vast majority of Herding dogs, as household pets, never cross paths with a farm animal. Nevertheless, pure instinct prompts many of these dogs to gently herd their owners, especially the children of the family. In general, these intelligent dogs make excellent companions and respond beautifully to training exercises.

  • Australian Cattle DogAustralian Cattle Dog
  • Australian ShepherdAustralian Shepherd
  • Bearded CollieBearded Collie
  • BeauceronBeauceron
  • Belgian MalinoisBelgian Malinois
  • Belgian SheepdogBelgian Sheepdog
  • Belgian TervurenBelgian Tervuren
  • Border CollieBorder Collie
  • Bouvier des FlandresBouvier des Flandres
  • BriardBriard
  • Canaan DogCanaan Dog
  • Cardigan Welsh CorgiCardigan
    Welsh Corgi
  • CollieCollie
  • Entlebucher Mountain DogEntlebucher
    Mountain Dog
  • Finnish LapphundFinnish Lapphund
  • German Shepherd DogGerman
    Shepherd Dog
  • Icelandic SheepdogIcelandic
  • Norwegian BuhundNorwegian Buhund
  • Old English SheepdogOld English
  • Pembroke Welsh CorgiPembroke
    Welsh Corgi
  • Polish Lowland SheepdogPolish Lowland
  • PuliPuli
  • Pyrenean Shepherd Pyrenean Shepherd
  • Shetland SheepdogShetland Sheepdog
  • Swedish VallhundSwedish Vallhund

Size of dogs not to scale