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* Indicates a title granted by another sanctioning body that is recognized by the AKC

# Indicates that the title can be earned multiple times. The number of times the criteria for the title have been met will follow the title abbreviation (ex: MACH8)

Abbreviation Title Name Prefix or Suffix
ACT1 Agility Course Test 1 Suffix
ACT2 Agility Course Test 2 Suffix
ACT1J Agility Course Test 1 Jumpers Suffix
ACT2J Agility Course Test 2 Jumpers Suffix
AE* Air Retrieve Elite Suffix
AEA* Air Retrieve Elite Advanced Suffix
AEX*# Air Retrieve Elite Excellent Suffix
AFC Amateur Field Champion Prefix
AGCH Agility Grand Champion Prefix
AJ* Air Retrieve Junior Suffix
AJA* Air Retrieve Junior Advanced Suffix
AJP Excellent Agility Jumper Preferred Suffix
AJX*# Air Retrieve Junior Excellent Suffix
AM* Air Retrieve Master Suffix
AMA* Air Retrieve Master Advanced Suffix
AMX*# Air Retrieve Master Excellent Suffix
AN* Air Retrieve Novice Suffix
ANA* Air Retrieve Novice Advanced Suffix
ANX*# Air Retrieve Novice Excellent Suffix
AS* Air Retrieve Senior Suffix
ASA* Air Retrieve Senior Advanced Suffix
ASX*# Air Retrieve Senior Excellent Suffix
ATT AKC Temperament Test Suffix
AX Agility Excellent Suffix
BDD* Brace Draft Dog Suffix
BH* Basic Companion Dog Suffix
BN Beginner Novice Suffix
BN-V Virtual Beginner Novice
CA Coursing Ability Suffix
CAA Coursing Ability Advanced Suffix
CAX# Coursing Ability Excellent Suffix
CC* Coaching Certificate Suffix
CCA* Certificate of Conformation Assessment Suffix
CCH Bench Show Champion Prefix
CD Companion Dog Suffix
CD-V Virtual Companion Dog
CDX Companion Dog Excellent Suffix
CFC Field Champion Prefix
CGC Canine Good Citizen Suffix
CGCA Advanced Canine Good Citizen (aka Community Canine) Suffix
CGCH Bench Show Grand Champion Prefix
CGCU Canine Good Citizen Urban Suffix
CGF Grand Field Champion Prefix
CGN Grand Nite Champion Prefix
CGW Grand Water Race Champion Prefix
CH Champion Prefix
CI* Carting Intermediate Suffix
CIT* Carting Intermediate Team Suffix
CJN Junior Nite Champion Prefix
CM# Certificate of Merit Suffix
CNC Nite Champion Prefix
CRCG Retired Supreme Grand Champion Prefix
CS* Carting Started Suffix
CSG Bench Show Supreme Grand Champion Prefix
CSGF Supreme Grand Field Champion Prefix
CSGN Supreme Grand Nite Champion Prefix
CSGW Supreme Grand Water Race Champion Prefix
CST* Carting Started Team Suffix
CT Champion Tracker Prefix
CWC Water Race Champion Prefix
CWGN World Champion Supreme Grand Nite Champion Prefix
CWSG World Show Champion Prefix
CX* Carting Excellent Suffix
CXT* Carting Excellent Team Suffix
DC Dual Champion Prefix
DD* Draft Dog Suffix
DE* Dock Elite Suffix
DEA* Dock Elite Advanced Suffix
DEX*# Dock Elite Excellent Suffix
DJ* Dock Junior Suffix
DJA* Dock Junior Advanced Suffix
DJX*# Dock Junior Excellent Suffix
DM* Dock Master Suffix
DMA* Dock Master Advanced Suffix
DMX*# Dock Master Excellent Suffix
DN* Dock Novice Suffix
DNA* Dock Novice Advanced Suffix
DNX*# Dock Novice Excellent Suffix
DS* Dock Senior Suffix
DSA* Dock Senior Advanced Suffix
DSX*# Dock Senior Excellent Suffix
EE# Endurance Earthdog Suffix
FC Field Champion (Field Trial) Prefix
FC Field Champion (Lure Coursing) Prefix
FCB Field Champion – Brace Prefix
FCGD Field Champion – Gundog Prefix
FCLP Field Champion – Large Pack Prefix
FDC Farm Dog Certified Suffix
FDCH* Flyball Dog Champion Suffix
FDGCH* Flyball Dog Grand Champion Suffix
FH1* Advanced Tracking Suffix
FH2* Superior Tracking Suffix
FITB Fit Dog Bronze Suffix
FITG Fit Dog Gold Suffix
FITS Fit Dog Silver Suffix
FM* Flyball Master Suffix
FTA Fetch Advanced Suffix
FTI Fetch Intermediate Suffix
FTN Fetch Novice Suffix
FTR Fetch Retriever Suffix
GAFC Grand Amateur Field Champion Prefix
GCH Grand Champion Prefix
GCHB Grand Champion Bronze Prefix
GCHG Grand Champion Gold Prefix
GCHP# Grand Champion Platinum Prefix
GCHS Grand Champion Silver Prefix
GFC Grand Field Champion Prefix
GN Graduate Novice Suffix
GO Graduate Open Suffix
HC Herding Champion Prefix
HI Herding Intermediate Suffix
HIAC Herding Intermediate Course A Cattle Suffix
HIACM Herding Intermediate Course A Cattle Master Suffix
HIAD Herding Intermediate Course A Ducks Suffix
HIADM Herding Intermediate Course A Ducks Master Suffix
HIAS Herding Intermediate Course A Sheep Suffix
HIASM Herding Intermediate Course A Sheep Master Suffix
HIBC Herding Intermediate Course B Cattle Suffix
HIBD Herding Intermediate Course B Ducks Suffix
HIBDM Herding Intermediate Course B Ducks Master Suffix
HIBS Herding Intermediate Course B Sheep Suffix
HIBSM Herding Intermediate Course B Sheep Master Suffix
HICS Herding Intermediate Course C Sheep Suffix
HICSM Herding Intermediate Course C Sheep Master Suffix
HS Herding Started Suffix
HSAC Herding Started Course A Cattle Suffix
HSACM Herding Started Course A Cattle Master Suffix
HSAD Herding Started Course A Ducks Suffix
HSADM Herding Started Course A Ducks Master Suffix
HSAS Herding Started Course A Sheep Suffix
HSASM Herding Started Course A Sheep Master Suffix
HSBC Herding Started Course B Cattle Suffix
HSBD Herding Started Course B Ducks Suffix
HSBDM Herding Started Course B Ducks Master Suffix
HSBS Herding Started Course B Sheep Suffix
HSBSM Herding Started Course B SHeep Master Suffix
HSCS Herding Started Course C Sheep Suffix
HSCSM Herding Started Course C Sheep Master Suffix
HT Herding Tested Suffix
HX Herding Excellent Suffix
HXAC Herding Excellent Course A Cattle Suffix
HXACM Herding Advanced Course A Cattle Master Suffix
HXAD Herding Excellent Course A Ducks Suffix
HXADM Herding Advanced Course A Ducks Master Suffix
HXAS Herding Excellent Course A Sheep Suffix
HXASM Herding Advanced Course A Sheep Master Suffix
HXBC Herding Excellent Course B Cattle Suffix
HXBD Herding Excellent Course B Ducks Suffix
HXBDM Herding Advanced Course B Ducks Master Suffix
HXBS Herding Excellent Course A Sheep Suffix
HXBSM Herding Advanced Course B Sheep Master Suffix
HXCS Herding Excellent Course C Sheep Suffix
HXCSM Herding Advanced Course C Sheep Master Suffix
IPO1* International Novice Schutzhund Suffix
IPO2* International Intermediate Schutzhund Suffix
IPO3* International Master Level Schutzhund Suffix
JC Junior Courser Suffix
JE Junior Earthdog Suffix
JH Junior Hunter Suffix
JHA Junior Hunter Advanced Suffix
JHR Junior Hunter Retriever Suffix
JHU Junior Hunter Upland Suffix
JHUA Junior Hunter Upland Advanced Suffix
LCX# Lure Courser Excellent Suffix
MACH# Master Agility Champion Prefix
MC Master Courser Suffix
ME Master Earthdog Suffix
MFB# Master Bronze FAST Suffix
MFC# Master Century FAST Suffix
MFG# Master Gold FAST Suffix
MFP Agility Master FAST Excellent Preferred Suffix
MFPB# Master Bronze FAST Preferred Suffix
MFPC# Master Century FAST Preferred Suffix
MFPG# Master Gold FAST Preferred Suffix
MFPS# Master Silver FAST Preferred Suffix
MFS# Master Silver FAST Suffix
MH# Master Hunter Suffix
MHA Master Hunter Advanced Suffix
MHR Master Hunter Retriever Suffix
MHU Master Hunter Upland Suffix
MHUA Master Hunter Upland Advanced Suffix
MJB# Master Bronze Jumpes Suffix
MJC# Master Century Jumpers Suffix
MJPC# Master Century Jumpers Preferred Suffix
MJG# Master Gold Jumpers Suffix
MJP Master Excellent Jumper Preferred Suffix
MJPB# Master Bronze Jumpers Preferred Suffix
MJPG# Master Gold Jumpers Preferred Suffix
MJPS# Master Silver Jumpers Preferred Suffix
MJS# Master Silver Jumpers Suffix
MNH# Master National Hunter Suffix
MT* Mantrailer Suffix
MTI* Mantrailer Intermediate Suffix
MTX* Mantrailer Excellent Suffix
MX Master Agility Excellent Suffix
MXB# Master Bronze Agility Suffix
MXC# Master Century Agility Suffix
MXF Agility Master FAST Excellent Suffix
MXG# Master Gold Agility Suffix
MXJ Master Excellent Jumper Suffix
MXP Master Agility Excellent Preferred Suffix
MXPB# Master Bronze Agility Preferred Suffix
MXPC# Master Century Agility Preferred Suffix
MXPG# Master Gold Agility Preferred Suffix
MXPS# Master Silver Agility Preferred Suffix
MXS# Master Silver Agility Suffix
NA Novice Agility Suffix
NAC National Agility Champion Prefix
NAFC National Amateur Field Champion Prefix
NAGDC National Amateur Gun Dog Champion Prefix
NAJ Novice Agility Jumper Suffix
NAP Novice Agility Preferred Suffix
NBC National Brace Champion Prefix
NBDD* Novice Brace Draft Dog Suffix
NDD* Novice Draft Dog Suffix
NE Novice Earthdog Suffix
NF Agility FAST Novice Suffix
NFC National Field Champion (Field Trial) Prefix
NFC National Field Champion (Lure Coursing) Prefix
NFP Agility FAST Novice Preferred Suffix
NGBC National Gun Dog Brace Champion Prefix
NGDC National Gun Dog Champion Prefix
NJP Novice Agility Jumper Preferred Suffix
NLPC National Large Pack Champion Prefix
NOC National Obedience Champion Prefix
NSPC National Small Pack Champion Prefix
NTCPC National Beagle Two-Couple Pack Champion Prefix
NWGDC National Walking Gun Dog Championship Prefix
OA Open Agility Suffix
OAJ Open Agility Jumper Suffix
OAP Open Agility Preferred Suffix
OF Agility FAST Open Suffix
OFP Agility FAST Open Preferred Suffix
OGM Obedience Grand Master Suffix
OJP Open Agility Jumper Preferred Suffix
OM# Obedience Master Suffix
OTCH Obedience Trial Chaimpion Prefix
PACH# Preferred Agility Champion Prefix
PAD Premier Agility Dog Suffix
PADP Premier Agility Dog Preferred Suffix
PAX# Preferred Agility Excellent Suffix
PCD Preferred Companion Dog Suffix
PCDX Preferred Companion Dog Excellent Suffix
PCJH* Parent Club Junior Hunter Suffix
PCMH* Parent Club Master Hunter Suffix
PCSH* Parent Club Senior Hunter Suffix
PDB# Premier Agility Dog Bronze Suffix
PDBP# Premier Agility Dog Bronze Preferred Suffix
PDC# Premier Agility Dog Century Suffix
PDCP# Premier Agility Dog Century Preferred Suffix
PDG# Premier Agility Dog Gold Suffix
PDGP# Premier Agility Dog Gold Preferred Suffix
PDS# Premier Agility Dog Silver Suffix
PDSP# Premier Agility Dog Silver Preferred Suffix
PJB# Premier Jumpers Dog Bronze Suffix
PJBP# Premier Jumpers Dog Bronze Preferred Suffix
PJC# Premier Jumpers Dog Century Suffix
PJCP# Premier Jumpers Dog Century Preferred Suffix
PJD Premier Jumpers Dog Suffix
PJDP Premier Jumpers Dog Preferred Suffix
PJG# Premier Jumpers Dog Gold Suffix
PJGP# Premier Jumpers Dog Gold Preferred Suffix
PJS# Premier Jumpers Dog Silver Suffix
PJSP# Premier Jumpers Dog Silver Preferred Suffix
PNAC Preferred National Agility Champion Prefix
POC# Preferred Obedience Champion Prefix
PT Pre-Trial Tested Suffix
PUDX# Preferred Utility Dog Excellent Suffix
PUTD Preferred Utility Dog Suffix
QA2 Qualified All-Age 2 Suffix
RA Rally Advanced Suffix
RACH# Rally Champion Prefix
RAE# Rally Advanced Excellent Suffix
RATCH* Barn Hunt Champion Suffix
RATCHX*# Barn Hunt Master Champion Suffix
RATM* Master Barn Hunt Suffix
RATN* Novice Barn Hunt Suffix
RATO* Open Barn Hunt Suffix
RATS* Senior Barn Hunt Suffix
RD* Road Dog Suffix
RDX* Road Dog Excellent Suffix
RE Rally Excellent Suffix
RI Rally Intermediate Suffix
RM# Rally Master Suffix
RN Rally Novice Suffix
RNC Rally National Champion Prefix
SAR-U1 Search and Rescue- Urban 1 Suffix
SAR-U2 Search and Rescue- Urban 2 Suffix
SAR-U3 Search and Rescue- Urban 3 Suffix
SAR-W Search and Rescue- Wilderness Suffix
SBA Scent Work Buried Advanced Suffix
SBAE Scent Work Buried Advanced Elite Suffix
SBE Scent Work Buried Excellent Suffix
SBEE Scent Work Buried Excellent Elite Suffix
SBM Scent Work Buried Master Suffix
SBME Scent Work Buried Master Elite Suffix
SBN Scent Work Buried Novice Suffix
SBNE Scent Work Buried Novice Elite Suffix
SC Senior Courser Suffix
SCA Scent Work Container Advanced Suffix
SCAE Scent Work Container Advanced Elite Suffix
SCE Scent Work Container Excellent Suffix
SCEE Scent Work Container Excellent Elite Suffix
SCHH1* Novice Schutzhund Suffix
SCHH2* Intermediate Schutzhund Suffix
SCHH3* Master Level Schutzhund Suffix
SCHHA* Novice Schutzhund A Suffix
SCM Scent Work Container Master Suffix
SCME Scent Work Container Master Elite Suffix
SCN Scent Work Container Novice Suffix
SCNE Scent Work Container Novice Elite Suffix
SD* Sled Dog Suffix
SDO* Sled Dog Outstanding Suffix
SDX* Sled Dog Excellent Suffix
SE Senior Earthdog Suffix
SEA Scent Work Exterior Advanced Suffix
SEAE Scent Work Exterior Advanced Elite Suffix
SEE Scent Work Exterior Excellent Suffix
SEEE Scent Work Exterior Excellent Elite Suffix
SEM Scent Work Exterior Master Suffix
SEME Scent Work Exterior Master Elite Suffix
SEN Scent Work Exterior Novice Suffix
SENE Scent Work Exterior Novice Elite Suffix
SH Senior Hunter Suffix
SHA Senior Hunter Advanced Suffix
SHDA Scent Work Handler Discrimination Advanced Suffix
SHDAE Scent Work Handler Discrimination Advanced Elite Suffix
SHDE Scent Work Handler Discrimination Excellent Suffix
SHDEE Scent Work Handler Discrimination Excellent Elite Suffix
SHDM Scent Work Handler Discrimination Master Suffix
SHDME Scent Work Handler Discrimination Master Elite Suffix
SHDN Scent Work Handler Discrimination Novice Suffix
SHDNE Scent Work Handler Discrimination Novice Elite Suffix
SHR Senior Hunter Retriever Suffix
SHU Senior Hunter Upland Suffix
SHUA Senior Hunter Upland Advanced Suffix
SIA Scent Work Interior Advanced Suffix
SIAE Scent Work Interior Advanced Elite Suffix
SIE Scent Work Interior Excellent Suffix
SIEE Scent Work Interior Excellent Elite Suffix
SIM Scent Work Interior Master Suffix
SIME Scent Work Interior Master Elite Suffix
SIN Scent Work Interior Novice Suffix
SINE Scent Work Interior Novice Elite Suffix
SWA Scent Work Advanced Suffix
SWAE Scent Work Advanced Elite Suffix
SWD Scent Work Detective Suffix
SWE Scent Work Excellent Suffix
SWEE Scent Work Excellent Elite Suffix
SWM Scent Work Master Suffix
SWME Scent Work Master Elite Suffix
SWN Scent Work Novice Suffix
SWNE Scent Work Novice Elite Suffix
T2B# Time 2 Beat Suffix
T2BP# Time 2 Beat Preferred Suffix
TC Triple Champion Prefix
TD Tracking Dog Suffix
TDD* Team Draft Dog Suffix
TDU# Tracking Dog Urban Suffix
TDX# Tracking Dog Excellent Suffix
THD Therapy Dog Suffix
THDA Therapy Dog Advanced Suffix
THDD Distinguished Therapy Dog Suffix
THDN Therapy Dog Novice Suffix
THDS Therapy Dog Supreme Suffix
THDX Therapy Dog Excellent Suffix
TKA Trick Dog Advanced Suffix
TKE Trick Dog Elite Performer Suffix
TKI Trick Dog Intermediate Suffix
TKN Trick Dog Novice Suffix
TKP Trick Dog Performer Suffix
TQX Triple Q Excellent Suffix
TQXP Triple Q Excellent Preferred Suffix
TT* Temperament Test Suffix
UD Utility Dog Suffix
UDX# Utility Dog Excellent Suffix
VCCH Versatile Companion Dog Champion Prefix
VCD# Versatile Companion Dog Suffix
VER Versatility Suffix
VST# Variable Surface Tracker Suffix
VSWB Virtual Scent Work Beginners Suffix
VSWI Virtual Scent Work Intermediate Suffix
VSWE Virtual Scent Work Experience Suffix
WC* Working Certificate Suffix
WCI* Working Certificate Intermediate Suffix
WCX* Working Certificate Excellent Suffix
WDS1* Working Dog Sport 1 Suffix
WDS2* Working Dog Sport 2 Suffix
WDS3* Working Dog Sport 3 Suffix
WNC World Nite Champion Prefix
XF Agility FAST Excellent Suffix
XFP Agility FAST Excellent Preferred Suffix