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Obedience: Exhibitor Resources

Obedience: Presentation – June 2009 Delegates’ Meeting

PowerPoint® program addresses Obedience trends, changes and more.

The PowerPoint® presentation AKC Obedience: Now and Into the Future is available for clubs to use for programs.

The Companion Events Department gave the presentation during the June 2009 Delegates meeting in Raleigh, NC, and received requests to make the program available for club use.

The presentation addresses the continuing decline in obedience entries and the AKC’s new regulations and classes that have been enacted in an effort to combat that decline.

In addition, the program gives clubs ideas on ways they can boost obedience entries and make obedience more attractive to new exhibitors. At the conclusion, the program presenter may engage the audience in a brainstorming session on new ideas for their club’s events.

Please be patient when opening the PowerPoint(r) presentation. It is a large file and may take a few minutes to download.

Suggested dialogue to accompany the program may be found in the PDF file next to the PowerPoint(r) file.

For more information and/or assistance, call 919-816-3575.

Download the presentation and the accompanying materials here:

Obedience Now and Into the Future (Powerpoint(r) , 24 MB)

Obedience Now and Into the Future (accompanying PDF, 3.5 MB)