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Obedience: Transfers Frequently Asked Questions

The provisions for transfers in the Obedience and Rally Regulations were established to allow a dog to be transferred to another class, from which it was originally entered after entries have closed, if the dog has earned a title.  The dog and handler must be eligible for the class they are requesting to transfer into.

FAQ’s Regarding Transfers:

Refer to the Obedience Regulations – Section 16a. Transfers.

  • The club will clearly state in its premium list whether transfers will or will not be allowed. If no statement is provided in the premium list the default is to allow transfers.
  • A transfer from an obedience class to an obedience class may be requested if, according to the owner’s records the handler and dog are eligible provided the club offers transfers.
  • Transfers from an “A” to “B” class at the same level are allowed provided the host club allows transfers. (When a club does not allow transfers, refer to Section 16b. Entry of Ineligible Dog.)
  • The request for a transfer must be in writing and presented to the superintendent or trial secretary at least 30 minutes prior to the start of each trial.
  • Clubs may choose to accept transfers prior to the day of the trial and this should be clearly stated in the premium list.
  • Transfers may be approved provided the class and judge are available, and the class has not reached its limit.