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Junior Spotlight

Junior Report: Hunter Wilber

I first became interesting training dogs from duck hunting! I met Mr. Tyler Kohen owner of Southern Duck Dogs when I was in the process of looking for a great duck dog/pup. Mr. Tyler took me under his wing teaching me all dog training and obedience abilities and how to have my dog AKC Hunt Test ready.

Since I am 15, I’m still in school and play sports; I make that no roadblock to making mine and others’ retrievers to being the best they can be! I train every day except for Sunday in the fall and spring. That’s when what you do in the summer counts like doing a little yard training as in basic obedience and also force fetch. On pups I start basic obedience when I believe their mature enough and ready to start the real world of training. I believe basic obedience should be completed by 5 months of age which leads to the training of force fetch. There are a lot of different training skills/games to get your dog Hunt Test ready. I will only put mine and others’ dogs in hunt test at 8 months – the legal age – if I believe they are ready. I’m not going to put them in to something that’s going to blow their mind and affect the rest of their training years! You can’t look at training your dogs as a job; you have got to love it just as much as your dogs do. Also, it’s not something like “oh I’m going to take a day off” – you have to be committed to making your dogs the best they can be.