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Junior Spotlight

Junior Report: Celeste Morelli

Hello, my name is Celeste Morelli and I am in Juniors. I am in Open Intermediate and I have Standard Poodles! I have been practicing since I was seven years old and I have been showing since I was nine years old. My breed is harder than most, but it is really fun to work with! With my breed there is a lot more coat conditioning and grooming than most breeds. You also have to shave their faces, their feet and their tail area. Poodles are fast runners and an energetic breed! I also have experience with Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and Wire Fox Terriers.

I was pretty much born with Poodles around me so I have been with them my whole life! It is interesting with all of the different breed standards, well, they are all different! They have to be set a different way and they have to be groomed a certain way. Poodles have to have nice fluffy, curly hair where as Tollers have to have a nice straight flat top coat.

I started breeding Standard Poodles in 2012 and I have bred 3 litters with my mother! They were all out of the same bitch and her name is Haute Pudel’s Tempest Storm CGC aka Tempest. She is a UKC Champion and is a great mother! Her first litter she had nine puppies. Her second she had ten and that was in 2014. Her last litter was also in 2014 and that was her VERY last breeding. The most memorable moment was when I was showing and when I got my VERY FIRST Best of Breed that was an awesome day! I didn’t place in group but I thought I did a great job!  That time I was showing a Toller and he wasn’t the best. He kept whining and I had to keep him moving, but it was really fun! I plan on continuing to show when I get older!