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This page is used to announce the cancellation of the following Performance Events: Field Trials, Hunt Tests, Herding Tests and Trials, Farm Dog Certified Tests, Lure Coursing Tests and Trials, Coursing Ability Tests, Fast Coursing Ability Tests, Earthdog Tests and Tracking events

To report a cancellation for a Performance Event,

please contact the Performance Events Department

919-816-3908 /

Date Location Description Events
5/14-5/15/2022 Yaphank, NY Suffolk County KC FCAT
5/20/2022 Waukesha, WI Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club HT
5/21/2022 Foster Center, RI Thornton Beagle Club FT
5/21/2022 Goodells, MI St. Clair Kennel Club FDC
5/22/2022 Goodells, MI St. Clair Kennel Club ATT
5/22/2022 Highland, MI German Shorthaired Pointer Club of MI FT
6/3/2022 Linesville, PA Fort Pitt Retriever Club FT
6/4/2022 New Paltz, NY Hudson Valley Tracking Club VST
6/4-6/5/2022 Springboro, PA Presque Isle Retriever Club of Erie, PA HT
6/19/2022 Davison, MI Canine Combustion Dog Agility Club of SE MI FCAT
7/4/2022 Mantua, OH Buckeye Tracking Club TR
2/11/2023 Utica, OH OH River Beagle Club FT