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The Junior Showmanship application may be downloaded and saved onto your computer, allowing you to complete the forms and submit to the office via email, fax, US Postal Service or through the Canine College portfolio. Please be advised the following forms in the kit will need to be entirely completed and submitted to the office: Junior Showmanship Application and Occupational Eligibility Addendum form.  Remember, all forms must be signed and dated.  Upon acceptance of application you will be enrolled through AKC Canine College for completion of Junior Showmanship exam.  Credit card information should not be sent via email. Altered applications will not be accepted.  For questions regarding Junior Showmanship Judging applications or if you wish to order a Junior Showmanship Judging kit, please contact Judging Operations at 919-816-3644 or e-mail

THE KIT PRICE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO $25 and it includes all forms including the three booklets: