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Clubs- Allowable Use of the Logo

AKC member, licensed or sanctioned clubs in good standing may use the AKC Scent Work logotype in newsletters, brochures or other printed materials in order to identify the club as AKC-affiliated and licensed to host AKC Scent Work trials. Logo presentation must include a description of the club’s relationship to the AKC, such as “XX Kennel Club is licensed to host AKC Scent Work trials” along with the AKC Scent Work logotype. If used on a website, the logo must be linked to the AKC Scent Work homepage.

The AKC Scent Work logo may be used to advertise AKC-sanctioned Scent Work events (such as trials and matches). The logo may appear in Premium Lists, on websites, or in print media.

The AKC Scent Work logo may NOT be used to advertise training seminars, unless specifically sanctioned by the AKC.

The AKC Scent Work logo may NOT be used with any editorial or other content not originally authored by the AKC.

Judges- Allowable Use of the Logo

The AKC Scent Work logo may be used by judges in the course of official judging duties, for example, on a badge or shirt worn while judging a trial.

The AKC Scent Work logo may also be used by judges to advertise themselves as AKC Scent Work judges for the purposes of soliciting judging assignments.

Guidelines for Use:

Colors– The colors of the AKC Scent Work logo may not be altered. Two color versions of the logo exist—one with black text, for use on light backgrounds, and one with white text, for use on dark backgrounds. In both of these, the nose appears in blue, and the words “Scent Work” appear in gray. These colors may NEVER be altered.

Background– The AKC Scent Work logo may be placed on top of a background of any color, or placed on a photo, provided there is enough contrast to preserve visibility and legibility.

Service Mark– The “SM” symbol designates the logo as a service mark. The “SM” symbol may never be omitted when the logo is used.

Area of Logo Non-Interference– A minimum amount of space must be maintained around the logo to ensure that it is free from visual distractions. It should be kept free of text, illustrations, borders, and other graphic elements that may interfere with logo clarity.

Minimum Size– The minimum size for the horizontal logo is 1.75 inches wide. The minimum size for the vertical logo is .80 inches wide.


  • Do not skew, stretch, or distort the logo
  • Do not reproduce the logo in unauthorized colors.
  • Do not use special effects (such as drop shadows)
  • Do not alter the font or letterspacing in the logo.
  • Do not change the logo’s horizontal orientation.

Logo Files


Horizontal logo, White text


Horizontal logo, Black text


Vertical logo, White text


Vertical logo, Black text


If you have any questions about these guidelines, please e-mail them to

Printable PDF of Guidelines for Use of AKC Scent Work Logo