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Agility: Trial Secretary Resources

Catalog Requirements

A club holding a licensed or member club agility trial must prepare an official catalog once entries have been closed and drawn. The catalog must list the dogs in the order drawn in each class along with the full AKC name, AKC number, breed, date of birth, sex, name of owner (and handler, if different from owner) and if the dog is handled by a junior handler include their AKC junior handler number. Additionally, the catalog shall list the owners and their addresses.

The catalog must state the name of the trial-giving club, the date and exact location of the event, and whether the event is “licensed by the American Kennel Club,” or held by an “AKC member club.” The catalog shall measure not less than 5½ x 8½ inches, and not exceed 8½ x 11 inches and must have the AKC logo on the front cover.

The catalog must be prepared in the following class order regardless of the order in which the classes were run at the event. All Standard classes, followed by all Jumpers With Weaves classes, followed by the T2B class, followed by all FAST classes. Within the Standard, Jumpers with Weaves, and FAST title tracks, they must appear in the following order:

  • Novice A
  • Novice B
  • Open
  • Excellent
  • Master
  • Novice Preferred
  • Open Preferred
  • Excellent Preferred
  • Master Preferred

Time 2 Beat must be placed in the following order:

  • Time 2 Beat
  • Time 2 Beat Preferred

Within each title track, the height divisions must be arranged from low to high.

The following certifications must appear in the catalog and may not be truncated:

Judge’s Certification

I certify that dogs received qualifying scores in Std class and _____ dogs received qualifying scores in JWW class and_____ dogs received qualifying scores in T2B class and_____ dogs received qualifying scores in FAST class in this event and that the above information identifying these dogs was entered prior to my/our signing this page.


Judge’s Signature

Agility Trial Secretary’s Certification

I certify that the Judge(s) has verified the above information and signed this page. Number of dogs entered in Std class _____ , number of dogs entered in JWW class _____ , number of dogs entered in T2B class _____, and number of dogs entered in FAST class_____ . Number of dogs withdrawn from Std class _____ , number of dogs withdrawn from JWW class _____ , number of dogs withdrawn from T2B class ____, and number of dogs withdrawn from FAST class _____. Total participating in Std class_____ . Total participating in JWW class _____ . Total participating in T2B class _____ . Total participating in FAST class _____ . Total number of qualifying scores _____ .


Trial Secretary’s Signature

A minimum of two (2) copies of an unmarked catalog must be printed after the closing date/time of pre-trial move-ups unless the club has the ability to make copies on-site and/or has redundant computer equipment on-site, then the minimum is reduced to one (1) copy. The printed catalog(s) must be updated daily to account for day-to-day move-ups if the trial weekend encompasses three (3) or more consecutive days. The unmarked catalog(s) must be at the event prior to the start of the trial. Following completion of judging, the Agility Trial Secretary shall mark the official catalog with the letter “Q” for “Qualified” next to the names of all dogs that received qualifying scores. The judge(s) shall then certify the accuracy of the marked awards, and both Agility Trial Secretary and the judge(s) shall complete their appropriate certifications. Separate certifications (both judge(s) and Trial Secretary’s) for each judge of record, are required in the catalog.