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OLE – AKC Online Entry Service

Why Use the AKC Online Entry Service?


Exhibitors will find the AKC Online Entry service (OLE) a convenient, low-cost, time-saving tool that provides:

  • Immediate access to enter from the minute a trial opens until the last minute before closing without expensive overnight mail
  • Real-time notification sent to the exhibitor of entry acceptance or wait list status
  • Pre-populated entry forms with dog and owner information as recorded with the AKC.
  • Ease of entry by allowing exhibitors to enter one dog in multiple events, multiple dogs in one event, or multiple dogs in multiple events during the same transaction
  • AKC OLE will verify height card information as the entries are accepted*.
  • Warning will display to exhibitors if class and jump height information does not match AKC records, reducing entry errors
  • PDF copies of the entry may be printed
  • A competitive service offering less expensive online entry service fees than competitors. Exhibitors will pay $2.00 for the first entry, $1.00 for each additional entry, per dog per day.
  • No membership fee to use AKC’s service

*Although Jump Height information is verified, exhibitors will still be required to have their height measurement documentation with them at the event in case any questions arise.

To Enter an Agility Trial Online, Click Here.


The AKC Online Entry service can help clubs reduce the cost of hosting events because:

  • Your event is more attractive to exhibitors because it is a convenient, low-cost time-saving tool.
  • The service is FREE to clubs and requires no credit card or PayPal accounts or fees.
  • AKC (not the club) will incur credit card fees for all online entries.
  • AKC will issue all necessary refunds to exhibitors for online entries cancelled prior to the closing date and guarantees entry fees will be mailed to the club within 2 business days of the closing date of the event.


To learn how your club can use the Online Entry Service, contact or call 919-816-3579.


Trial Secretaries will find the AKC Online Entry service is an easy to use, cost-saving tool that allows:

  • Information to be downloaded electronically. This can be done in several different file formats including data files that can be downloaded directly into the trial secretary’s database
  • Hardcopies of entries can be printed from a PDF format.
  • Time to be saved at the event when the jump height selected matches the jump height of record for the dog because jump height cards will not have to be checked.
  • Immediate access to, real-time entries that can be downloaded as a paper version (PDF) eliminating all data entry for all online entries.
  • Information to be manually entered accurately if Trial secretaries do not have the capabilities to download entry information provided by OLE.
  • Printing all entries is not necessary as a closing report will provide all necessary entry data for information for all entries.


For more information for agility trial secretaries on the AKC Online Entry Service, click here.