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Register a Litter

A litter is eligible for registration if:

  • It is the result of a mating between an AKC-registered Sire (male) and an AKC-registered Dam (female) of the same breed.
  • It is whelped (born) in the U.S.A, its possession or territories (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and the Marianna Islands).

How to Register a Litter:

To register a litter, the litter owner should complete an an AKC Litter Registration Application online or by mail. The application requires basic information such as the date of birth, number of males and females born, and the registered names and numbers of the sire and dam. The application must be signed by all of the owners and co-owners of the dam and by one owner of the sire. Failure to complete the application properly will result in processing delays.

Processing fees are nonrefundable, and all fees are subject to change without notice.

When completed, the application should be submitted to the AKC with the proper fee. The AKC will mail the litter owner a “litter kit.” The litter kit will include an individual registration application for each puppy in the litter, as well as a form for record-keeping. The litter owner should examine the kit thoroughly for errors before issuing the papers to puppy buyers.

Each person or firm who owns, breeds, or sells dogs that are AKC-registrable must keep accurate, up-to-date records of all transactions involving these dogs. There must be no doubt as to the identity of any individual dog or as to the parentage of a particular dog or litter.

Register a litter online or send the completed application to: The American Kennel Club, P.O. Box 900052, Raleigh, NC 27675-9052.

Online Litter Registration:

Register a litter online here. You must register a litter before attempting to register individual puppies from that litter. Registration options vary depending on whether you own the sire (dad), the dam (mom), or both dogs.

Mail-in Litter Registration Forms:

The AKC recommends common-sense practices for those who regularly have multiple dogs or litters on their premises, including:

  • Permanent identification of each dog, with tattoos, microchips, marking, or tagging.
  • Isolation of bitches in season.
  • Segregation of litters whelped near the same date.

The AKC requires that the owner of an AKC-registered dog maintain the following information on the dog:

  • Breed
  • Registered name and number (or litter number if not registered)
  • Sex, color and markings
  • Date of birth
  • Names and numbers of sire and dam
  • Name of breeder
  • Name and address of person from whom directly acquired
  • Date of acquisition
  • Date and duration of lease, if any

The owner of a dog which is bred must record:

  • Date and place of mating
  • Names of persons handling mating
  • Registered name and number of dog to which mated
  • Name and address of its owner

The owner of a litter must record:

  • Date of whelping
  • Number of puppies whelped by sex and by color and markings
  • Litter registration number
  • Date of sale, gift or death of each puppy so described
  • Name and address of person acquiring each puppy so described
  • Kinds of papers and date supplied
  • Registered name and number of each puppy registered by breeder

Failure to uphold proper record-keeping procedures could lead to penalties, including the suspension of AKC privileges. See the AKC’s Procedures for Registration Matters for complete information.