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We have some big news to report about All-Americans succeeding at earning the top titles in Agility, Coursing Ability, Rally, Obedience, Scent Work, and Tracking. Many of you have had great success taking advantage of AKC’s Virtual Titling programs too!



Master Agility Championships (MACH) 

Multiple Master Agility Champions

Congratulations to these dogs who have earned more MACHs:

  • AGCH MACH18 Feel The Need MXS5 PDG MJB6 PJG MFG2 TQX T2B12 CGC owned by Janet K. Boggs of Crawfordsville, IN 
  • MACH15 Donaldson’s Daisy MXG4 MJS5 OF owned by Laura J. Donaldson of Elk Grove Village, IL 
  • MACH7 Theodore Teddy Hill MXG2 PDS MJG2 PJS XF T2B owned by Priscilla and Jon Wampler of Newark, DE 
  • MACH6 Zoe Mia Vogel MXG2 MJS2 OF T2B2 owned by Kathleen Vogel of Bay City, MI 
  • MACH4 Apollo Of Waterton MXB2 MJS2 owned by Lydia Langley of Lynchburg, VA 
  • MACH4 Peterson’s Rosie Pickle MXB2 MJS2 OF T2B2 owned by Kathryn Tucker of Fairbanks, AK 
  • MACH4 Sadie Rosenberger MXC PAD MJB2 MXF TQX T2B3 CGC TKN owned by Viveka Rosenberger of Vestavia, AL 
  • MACH3 Nostroveya’s Gemma MXC PAD MJB2 MXF T2B3 owned by Sharen Hyde of Crystal River, FL 
  • MACH3 Bleu’s Precious Sassy MXG PAD MJG PJD NF CGC TKN owned by Anne Forsberg-Mosner of Chesterfield, NJ 
  • MACH2 Miss Sal’s Song Of The South MXG MJG OF owned by Sherrie Jans of Bell, FL 
  • MACH2 Drum MXG MJG owned by Stephanie Keck of Richmond, VA 
  • MACH2 Soccodato’s Buster MXS MJG XF T2B TKN owned by Jacqueline Soccodato of New Rochelle, NY 
  • MACH2 Two Minutes For Ruffing RN MXG MJG NAP NJP XF TKN owned by Linda Arnold of Butler, PA 

Congratulations to these first-time MACHs:

MACH Dally MXB MJS MXF T2B2 owned by Cathy Bibbs-Cornell of Berea, OH 

“What I appreciate most about my dog Dally is her unabashed enthusiasm for life!” Cathy said. When searching for a rescue puppy in 2013, she wanted a high-drive dog, as she had been an AKC Agility competitor since 2000. “I certainly chose right! Or maybe she chose me.” At a trial on March 8, hosted by Buckeye Keeshond Club at the Pinnacle Dog Sports facility, Dally earned the prestigious MACH title. She also qualified for the 2020 AKC National Agility Championships. She often comes out on top in Time2Beat and Fast, and almost always gets placements in Standard and Jumpers.

“More importantly,” Cathy said,“I am improving my own personal fitness and enriching the quality of my life, with Dally as my lively and fun-loving motivational partner. When we’re not doing agility, she insists on getting me off of the couch, away from the TV and computer.” They often take two-mile walks around the neighborhood, or go on long hikes in the park. “Her energy is infectious, and over the seven years that I’ve had her, she has really inspired me to move more. I never imagined that a dog could improve my health and well-being like she has. I sure got lucky when we found each other.”

Jenny Cochran, breeder, owner, handler, works with “teenager” Sage (9-month-old) in a puppy obedience class learning the basics to earn her American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen title.

MACH Django Julio MXB MJS XF CGC owned by Mindy Sherwood of Fort Collins, CO 

Django was found as a stray in rural Missouri and transported to a Colorado rescue where he was adopted by Mindy, who was then a volunteer at the rescue facility. “He is a true ‘All American’ dog and lovingly called a ‘supermutt’ due to all the breeds that make up his DNA,” Mindy said. Django was her introduction to agility and dog sports, and an agility-for-fun class got her hooked and wanting more.

After finding an instructor and attending classes for more than a year, they started trialing together in 2015. After five years of trials, Django achieved his MACH on March 14, 2020, at the last agility trial in the state before COVID-19 halted trials. Thanks to Django, Mindy has formed lasting friendships in the local agility scene and has even started teaching agility to other beginners who are interested in the sport.

Congratulations also to these dogs who have earned their first MACH:

  • MACH Tucson Barker MXS MJB XF T2B owned by Celeste and Jackson Barker of San Rafael, CA 
  • MACH Celtic Hawk Itsa Widget MXB MJB T2B owned by Gail Roper of Tucscon, AZ

Preferred Agility Championships (PACH)

Congratulations to these dogs who have earned more PACHs:

  • PACH3 Shortstop FDC MXP7 MXPG MJP7 MJPG PAX3 RATS CGC TKN owned by Bari and Scott Boersma of Winchester, CA 
  • PACH3 Chinnici’s Lucia MXP7 MXPG MJP7 MJPG PAX3 MFPB TQXP T2BP2 owned by Lori Chinnici of Shelby Township, MI 
  • MACH PACH2 Quicksilver’s Word Up RE MXB MJB MXP6 MXPS MJP10 MJPC PAX2 OF MFP T2B T2BP CA FM RATS owned by Penny Leigh of Graham, NC
  • AGCH MACH15 PACH2 Moses Raphael York UD BN GN GO RAE5 MXB4 PDG MJC4 PJG MXP5 MXPS MJP5 MJPS PAX2 MFC TQX T2B8 CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Jordan Patrick York of Evansville, IN
  • MACH5 PACH2 Mel’s Amazing Mooch MXS2 MJB2 MXP5 MXPS MJPB PAX2 MXF TQX T2B3 owned by Melanie Thomas of Findlay, OH

Congratulations to these All-American Dogs who have earned their first PACH:

  • MACH2 PACH Popeye’s Lady Love MXG MJG MXPB MJPB PAX XF T2B owned by Emilie Camilleri of LockportNY 
  • PACH Schneider’s First Challenger MXP3 MXPB MJPB PAX OFP T2BP TKI owned by Bobbijo Schneider of Moorhead, MN
  • MACH PACH Mack’s Strider MXB MJB MXPB MJPB PAX CA CGC owned by Haylay J. and Cherya Lynn Mack of Hesperia, CA



Fast CAT

Congratulations to these FCAT title earners for earning 1,000 points:

  • Charlottes Little Piper CD BN RN FCAT RATN owned by Charlotte Pritchard of Tehama, CA
  • Cassie Mae Cassel FCATowned by Pamela Cassel of Warsaw, IN
  • Garcia’s Better Cheddar NAJ NF FCAT TKI owned by Allison Linehan and Michael Garcia of Falls Church, VA

Congratulations to these dogs for adding more FCAT titles to their names:

  • DMT’s Christmas In Dixie CAX FCAT2 CGC TKP owned by Danny Terry of Eclectic, AL
  • Missjiff.Gif CA FCAT2 FDCH TKN owned by Mrs. Maureen R Setter of Orange Park, FL
  • Alley Oop! FCAT2 ONYX TKN owned by Mrs. Maureen R Setter of Orange Park, FL


  • Bcb’s For The Thrill Of The Chase CD BN CA DCAT DN CGC TKN owned by Bonnie Bailey of Tallahassee, FL
  • Greenbeans The Street Hustler CAA DCAT owned by Sarah and Charles Micola of Belleview, FL
  • Shameless Poc-Ket Of Petunias CD BN RM AX OAJ CAA DCAT RATCH CGC TKP owned by Kelly Castle of Clermont, CA
  • Downey CAA DCAT owned by Paolo Resurreccion of Escondido, CA
  • High Desert Samigirl OA NAJ NF CA DCAT owned by Joy Slaughter of Hesperia, CA
  • Sir Dobby CAA DCAT owned by Lindsey Lienhardt of Davenport, FL
  • Coffey’s Dobby CA DCAT owned by Katlin Coffey of Christiansburg, VA
  • Sundry Fields Plain Jane A DCAT owned by Laura Green of Roanoke, VA
  • Wannabe Run Res Q Believe It Or Not RI NA DCAT CGC TKN owned by Lynda Piercy of Durham, CA
  • Justamere Crazy Cricket DCAT owned by Patricia Small of Mechanicsville, VA
  • Stellar Stella NJP DCAT ACT2 CGC TKI owned by Kara Downs of Orlando, FL
  • Sandy Mandy Dickerson DCAT CGC owned by Emily Dickerson of Hanover, VA
  • Kenda’s Volcanic Eruption FDC DCAT CGC TKN owned by Mackenzie Banks and Crysta Brown of Red Bluff, CA



Utility Dog (UD)

Congratulations to this dog who has earned the UD title:

Trumpet’s Call To Victory UD BN RN AX AXJ ACT2 CGC TKA owned by Maria and Ralph Orlando and Victory Hulett of Port Orange, FL 

Trumpet is a German Coolie, a breed not recognized by AKC. She is 4 years old and loves training in obedience and agility. Maria and Trumpet train at the Obedience Club of Daytona in Daytona Beach, FL.

They competed in the December 2019 AKC Obedience Classic in Orlando, FL. Trumpet also loves agility and enjoys swimming and playing ball every day. She earned her UD on Feb. 23,2020, at the Indian River Dog Club Obedience Trial.

Congratulations also to this dog for earning the UD title:

  • Flint’s Sissi UD CGC owned by Austin Flint of Canton, GA


Rally Champion (RACH)

To earn the prestigious RACH, dogs must achieve a minimum of 300 championship points from the Excellent B and Master classes, and 20 triple qualifying scores obtained from the Advanced B, Excellent B, and Master Classes.

Congratulations to this dog for earning the RACH:

  • RACH Kenzie’s Shining Star CD BN RM3 RAE2 owned by Crystal Joy Grauman of Marysville, OH



SWM – Scent Work Master 

Bettcher’s Buddy SWM owned by Stephen Bettcher of Oakland, CA

Buddy came into Stephen’s life in 2014 from Northern California Beagle rescue. He was 3 years old and had come from a family that had to give him up because they lost their home.

“I was looking for another Beagle because my Beagle, Audrey, a great scent work dog, was dying from cancer. She passed three weeks after Buddy came into our life,” Stephen said. “I started training Buddy in scent work almost immediately to pick up Audrey’s mantle.”

They started AKC Scent Work in 2018 and earned the Scent Work Master title in Watsonville, CA, on Feb. 16, 2020.

Buddy is also a Therapy Pet ( They visit pediatrics and oncology at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, CA twice a week.

“I also use Buddy as a demo dog in the scent work Classes that I teach at the San Lorenzo Dog Training Club. He is the sweetest dog I have ever owned. He loves to meet other dogs and people. He is a great snuggler and a wonderful companion,” Stephen said.


  • Jaxie Waxie Waxerton RN FDC CA SWE SEM SHDN DJ CGC owned by Laura Mathis of Scottsdale, AZ


  • Branford CDX PCDX BN GN GO RAE SWA SCM SIE SEE SHDA owned by Linda and John Luce of Lakeland, TN
  • Countryside’s Ellie AX AXJ MJP OF SWA SCM SIE SEE THDD CGC owned by Cabell Goolsby West of Richmond, VA


  • Goose XII BN RE OAP OJP SWE SCM SIM SEM DS DJ CGC TKN owned by Sarah Gardner of South Chesterfield, VA


  • Bella Winsett BCAT SWA SBM SCE SIE RATO CGCA TKI owned by Kim Winsett of Alabaster, AL



TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent)

May Bee CD PCD BN RI TDX FDC CA SWA CGC TKA owned by Lisa Stellar of Clemmons, NC 

May Bee was a stray in Ashe County, NC, and was 7 months old when Lisa adopted her.Her favorite activities are anything involving her nose, hiking, and swimming.

The Winston Salem Dog Training Club TD/TDX test was held on Feb. 16, 2020. “It was sunny and cold, with damp ground from heavy rains earlier in week: perfect tracking weather,” Lisa said.

“We drew track one. Bee sniffed the start article and off we went. She was moving fast, and I had to almost run to keep up;there was no time to be nervous. She went 865 yards in eight minutes to find the glove. It was the first try at TDX for both of us!”

TD (Tracking Dog)

Congratulations to these dogs for earning the Tracking Dog title:

  • Faro TD owned by Daniel Carney of Boca Raton, FL
  • Reginald Truman RN TD CGC owned by Charmen Gentry of Philippi, WV
  • Dona Doodle Two TD owned by Sharon Price and Teresa Reynolds of Duncanville, TX

Trick Dog

TKE (Trick Dog Elite)

Hussar’s Miss Molly FDC SWA SCM SIM SEE SHDA THD CGCA TKE owed by Julie Hussar of Fenton, MI

Molly is a 12-inch tall chocolate and white curly-haired powerhouse. “She is the type of dog who loves to do anything–well, not rally so much but teach her tricks, and she is in her happy place,” Julie said.“She excels at doing tricks, parkour, scent work, being a therapy dog, barn hunt, and is learning tracking.”

“Molly’s bag of tricks numbers more than 50, and she is always eager to show them off during therapy dog visits or just for fun.”She earned her Elite Performer Trick Dog title on Jan. 19, 2020 at Companion Dog Training Club in Flint, MI, under the adjudication of Colleen Ann Belanger and an audience of adults and children.

Her skit was titled “Molly the Therapy Dog Extraordinaire.” It included rolling out a rug, wiping her feet, re-rolling the rug, putting a toy bear in a wheelchair, giving him a ride, and presenting tricks by reading them from flash cards plus many more.

Molly is looking forward to her next adventure. “In the little book I wrote about her she is the dog who said, ‘I want to do more!’

Emma Jay Cariña RI THDA CGCA CGCU TKE owned by Carol Madeheim of Tucson, AZ

Before Carol got her, Emma had been adopted by a family and was an emotional support dog for a young man with autism. For two years she was carried everywhere the young man went. When this family moved overseas, Emma again needed a new home. Carol saw the ad they had posted, adopted her and brought her home to meet and join her pack – three Chihuahuas.

Carol enrolled her in the AKC Canine Partners program and started with basic obedience lessons. “Emma Jay was a fast study and through positive training (she’s a foodie!) learned that she really could walk on the ground with her own four little paws,” Carol said.

She soon joined Carol’s other dogs who were registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. “Emma’s calm demeanor and love of petting has made her one of the favorites in retirement communities and the library Read to A Dog program. As an added attraction during her visits she shows off her many tricks – 45 and counting!”

Emma Jay and two pack mates earned their Trick Dog Elite Performer (TKE) titles in February 2020, in Oro Valley, AZ.“Many thanks to the AKC Canine Partners program for providing this little rescue’s opportunity to become a happy achiever and share joy with so many people young and old,” Carol said.

“Ouch, my mouth is sore! Look in my mouth! I need to chew on something!” 5-month- old Tang exclaims! Young puppies have sore gums as baby teeth erupt and fall out.

Buddy Callister CGC TKE owned by Peggy Callister of Oak Harbor, WA

Buddy came to Peggy through the prison program in Spokane, WA, where he received his basic obedience training.

“He is trained to do a special task, which he does every day 24/7. He is my hearing service dog. He lends me his ear by letting me know where sounds come from.When he hears a special sound such as a knock on the door, the ring tone of my cell phone, or the sound of my keys dropping, he lets me know by bumping my leg or jumping on me with his front paws.He leads me to the source of the sound,” Peggy said.

Not only does Buddy perform these tasks – Peggy has also taught him to become an awesome trick dog. They have been doing tricks for a couple of years and are on the road to show what a service dog can do when he is off duty. The 7-year-old dog earned his TKE on Feb. 28, 2020, at Whidbey Canine Conditioning and Rehabilitation.

Neutrina TKE owned by Keiko Kircher of Champaign, IL

Neutrina, now 18 months old, met her forever human family at a shelter as a puppy. Upon adoption, as a first-time dog owner, Keiko decided to try teaching her some simple tricks to strengthen their bond. Neutrina learned tricks very quickly, and their bond grew very quickly too. By the time Keiko learned about AKC Trick Dog, Neutrina was ready for the advanced level. She earned the Elite Performer title when she was 14 months old.

The trick that Neutrina worked hardest on is a piano duet with Keiko, playing the beginning of Beethoven’s Fifth symphony, with Neutrina on a foot piano. Currently, she helps as Keiko’s lab assistant,bringing lab equipment and turning lights on and off. Some of Keiko’s students have become big fans.

Neutrina earned her TKE title on Feb. 28, 2020, in Champaign, IL.

Canyon Creek’s Murphy CGCA TKE owned by Angelique Crone of Oregon City, OR 

Five-year-old Murphy is a “very intelligent, friendly, affectionate, and happy boy who loves life with his family and playing with his brother Charlie. Murphy has worked very hard to achieve his Trick Dog Elite performer,and we are all so very proud of him,” Angelique said.

Baker May CGCA CGCU TKE owned by Aimee and Jack Phillips of Parkersburg, WV

“Baker May is a special pup for sure!” Aimee. “We adopted her in December 2019 having only seen a ‘baby’ picture of her. She looked just like a tiny brown bear.”

She was delivered to their house by a Ritchie County Animal Shelter volunteer three days after they saw her picture and was estimated to be 6 weeks old at that time. “She had already had a rough beginning, having been brought to the shelter by a couple who had picked her out of a box of puppies at a gas station in rural West Virginia. At some point, this couple decided that they could not keep her.”

“We were told by the shelter staff that she is a Shar-pei mix. We had her DNA profile completed by two different companies and sure enough, it came back Shari-pei/shepherd with Boxer, Bulldog, and husky mixed. Regardless, she is PAW-FECT!”

Aimee and Jack immediately began to help her build trust and love. Basic obedience class started when she was 4 months old. “That was a challenge. She would growl and bite and each basic skill took time to learn. She came along slowly with a firm and loving touch and when she was 1 year old, she was ready to test for her CGC. Little did we know that in preparing for this we were launching for a series of AKC Trick Dog titles! Baker May was a natural, and we worked hard to play to her strengths for each level. Her trainers were supportive, creative, and really focused on Baker’s well-being.”

Baker May earned the TKE title on April 5, 2020, at Your Proper Pooch, Cairo, WV.

MACH Yossa MXB MJS OF T2B CGCA TKE owned by Laura Novick of Nashville, TN 

Yossa and her litter mates were born at the Nashville, TN, animal control facility. “Her mother looked like a German shepherd mix,” Laura said. “But my friends and I all know that she’s really a Sri Lankan leopard dog. “

Laura explains that Yossa’s TKA routine depicted her emigration to the United States from Sri Lanka. “She demonstrated the arduous journey from her native village of Dagonna and all the different careers she tried once she arrived in this country: search and rescue dog, service dog, and, finally, performing for children in the hospital. Yossa is very excited to announce that now she’s officially an American citizen, and she has a citizenship certificate as proof.”

She earned her TKE title through the Covid-19 pandemic video trick titles program. Yossa is also Laura’s first agility dog, and she’s a retired agility champion.

Gilly Is My Co-Pilot BN RI FDC CGCA CGCU TKE ATT owned by Amber Mercier of Maricopa, AZ

Gilly is a 6-year-old Border Collie mix surrendered to a shelter in New Mexico at the age of 3. From there, Arizona Border Collie Rescue stepped in, and Amber agreed to foster her, quickly realizing she was not going anywhere.

“Since I adopted her, we’ve done so much together — she’s an amazing service dog, a certified therapy dog, and has multiple rally and obedience titles,” Amber said.

She is also Farm Dog Certified and has passed the new AKC Temperament Test.

“Her absolute favorite thing to do is learn new tricks, so we’ve been chipping away at the trick titles and just recently earned her Trick Dog Elite Performer title via video submission on May 27, 2020. Fun fact about Gilly: she loves doing tricks that involve going backwards! Backing circles around me, backwards walking weaves, etc.”

Flopdoodle Chloe Bean TKE owned by Christina and Gary Jones of Cibolo, TX 

Christina and Gary adopted Chloe from a city shelter on Nov. 13, 2018. She weighed just over 4 pounds. After they brought her home and nursed her to health, she became a happy, healthy, 10-pound dog. Christina began teaching her basic commands, and Chloe caught on quickly. They took a basic manners course, and the instructor suggested agility training, which they began in the summer of 2019.

“Late in 2019, a friend invited us to a trick class. It was there that I learned about the AKC Trick Dog titles. We worked hard, achieving new titles every few weeks. On April 16, 2020, Chloe achieved her Elite Performer title. We did a skit based on her adoption and rescue story,” Christina said.

“People always tell me what a great job I’ve done with Chloe and how lucky she is to have found me. However, I feel just as lucky to have found Chloe. She has changed my life for the better and has become my constant companion. My husband is now deployed in Afghanistan, and I appreciate, more than ever, having my little furry friend Chloe by my side.

“Our goal is to volunteer in our local community to put a smile on people’s faces.”

Atria Kaida Sonata Carpathica CGC TKE owned by Jenna Lee Soltis of Bovey, MN 

Kaida is a 4-year-old Czechoslovakian Vlcak who lives at Vegvisir Kennel in northern Minnesota. She is the first of her breed to hold each of the AKC Trick Dog titles, and she has two legs towards her first AKC Rally title.

She loves spending time with her doggy friends, going bikejoring, skijoring and training. “She is a workaholic when it comes to sports training… she loves learning new things,” Jenna said.

Her Elite Trick Dog Performer title was earned at Paw-sitive Way Dog Training in Grand Rapids, MN.

Ozymandias CD BN RN NA NAJ TKE owned by Morgan Allison of Tulsa, OK

Ozzy is a Miniature American Shepherd and Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix that Morgan adopted from a shelter two years ago. “He absolutely loves to learn new things and tricks come naturally to him,” she said. “Outside of tricks, we compete in agility, obedience, rally, scent work, and Fast CAT. We have also started training for tracking.” Morgan submitted their TKE application on May 18, 2020.

Dashiell Just Call Me Dash CGC TKE owned by Pamela Rutherford of Lewes, DE 

“Dash has had a need to learn since he was a puppy. His curiosity soon got him in trouble one day when he stole a kitchen knife by the handle. No person or animal was injured; he just stood there with it,” Pamela said. “We had taken basic obedience, but it was obvious I needed to turn a bad habit of stealing into learning positive behaviors.” There was more obedience training, then his CGC and finally the class that curbed his craving to steal: Tricks!

He earned his CGC and all four of his trick titles at Peterson’s Positive Pups in Smyrna, DE, and his Elite Performer title via video in Lewes, DE. His Elite Performer skit was titled ‘Dash Goes on a Mountaineering Adventure’ and includes seven performer-level tricks with props. The skit tells the story of Dash doing morning stretches, attending mountaineering class, and his big adventure that included jumping through a hoop of icicles, falling asleep and waking up covered with a blanket of snow.

“Training with Dash is a 24/7 habit. We love it. He is a phenomenal companion. He still steals but to a new level… over the COVID-19 period he learned to pick-pocket!”

Shayla Grace THD CGCA TKE owned by Mary Myers of East Berlin, PA

When Mary saw Shayla’s picture on Petfinder, she questioned whether the puppy could overcome a very rough start in life to become the therapy dog that she was searching for.

“But fate has a way of intervening when we need it most. Knowing it would take a lot of work, on that day I chose her, and several months later, she chose me,” Mary said. “If she didn’t become a therapy dog, she would still be my cherished companion.”

Shayla has certainly fulfilled Mary’s hope for a therapy dog, now registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. “I decided to teach her some tricks to perform for the guests she visits on her therapy rounds. If there are veterans in the audience, she performs a march where she ends with holding the American flag as we thank them for their service. Her favorite trick, though, is to walk on my feet between my legs. Many of the ladies at the adult day care have been surprised when they see Shayla approach me from behind, stand on my feet, and perform her chorus line steps with me. I ask them if they ever danced on their daddy’s feet. This brings back many fond memories for them.”

On June 7, 2020, she was successfully evaluated for her performer elite title. “On that day, she reached the pinnacle of trick dog success.”

Misty’s Ticket to Ride RN CGC TKE owned by Melanie Feudo of Pine Mountain, GA 

“Got it! Let’s do it again!” is Misty’s attitude about trick training or anything she and Melanie do together.

“When I was a child, my Mom and I loved training our dogs together, and I remember the dogs were so happy and excited to learn new things,” Melanie said. “My Mom is not here now, but she would have enjoyed Misty too.”

Misty is a true All-American dog, a mixture of several breeds and was 4 months old when Melanie got her. She was rehomed by her previous owner who worked long hours and had received her as a surprise housewarming gift.

Her first five titles, (CGC and Trick Dog Novice through Performer) were earned all in one day. “Then with Covid-19, AKC revised the requirements, enabling us to have the evaluator and audience come to our backyard – I was able to use larger props that would have been hard to travel with.”

Misty also loves agility, hiking, swimming, chasing squirrels with her Cairn Terrier brother, and snuggling on the couch. She loved going to dog shows and was working on her Rally Advanced Title. “Hopefully, in the future, she may want to show more of her talents. No matter where tomorrow leads, Misty is one fun, smart, talented and athletic ‘pupperoni,’ and we have a great time together.”

Klink SWN SBA FM DS TKE and Zinnel’s Bell DN TKE both owned by Lynne Zinnel of Coralville, IA

Klink, adopted from the Cedar Rapids Animal Control, celebrated his 12th birthday at the end of May. He is titled not only in tricks, but also in flyball, dock diving, barn hunt and scent work.

“After retiring from flyball and dock diving in 2019, I took advantage of the virtual trick testing option to complete his TKE. Our stage was our basement, and he demonstrated what a day in his life is like including practicing his various sports and studying hard,” Lynne said.

Bell is 7 ½ years old and was adopted from the Animal Rescue League in Ankeny, IA. She is titled in dock diving and barn hunt. As with Klink, her stage was our basement, and she also demonstrated what a day in her life looks like – from school, to doing her nails, exercising, and keeping her room clean.

Micken Nugget RN CGC TKE and Mako Roni CGCA TKE ATT both owned by Allison Turner of Rockwood, TN

Mickey, a 4-year-old Aussie/GSD/ACD mix,“is a super high energy dog who lives for the game,” Allison said. “I started doing tricks with Mickey so he could pose in cute ways for his Instagram page and he picked up on things so easily.” She pursued trick training, and he received his TKE on May 4, 2020, at Wildcard Canine in Crossville, TN. His favorite trick is a dramatic BANG (play dead).

“He has begun his competitive disc and dock diving careers, which have become his whole heart. Everything he does, he does with all his ability and enthusiasm. At the last club event he attended, the officials referred to him as ‘The Smiling Dog’ because, despite how nervous I was to compete, he couldn’t be happier to be doing something with his human!”

Mako (Mako Roni), a 2-year-old Siberian Husky, moved from family to family before Allison adopted him about a year ago. “Mako is an absolute darling. He loves everyone he meets (really enjoys being admired) and isn’t afraid of anything! At first, Mako was too cool for trick training, then he realized that more people would tell him that he was cute when he did tricks for them, so it was worth it.” He earned his TKE on May 19, 2020, also at Wildcard Canine in Crossville, TN. His favorite trick is “roach” (lie in bed upside down). Mako has earned his CGCA and is working toward his CGCU with the goal to become a therapy dog.

Annie B CGCA TKE and Puddin Van Nest CGCA TKE both owned by Pamela Van Nest of Washburn, TN

Annie B (on the left), an 8-year-old English Shepherd, loves doing tricks. Her favorite time to perform them is during therapy dog visits at an adult day care center.

“Her favorite tricks, and the ones she likes to learn the best, are those that require more thought than action,” Pamela said. “‘Sneeze’ is one those. Not only does she sneeze on command, she uses it as an editorial statement. If I am talking too much during the trick portion of her visit, she sneezes. If I don’t do the tricks in what she feels is the correct order, she sneezes. If I ask for a trick she doesn’t like that much, she sneezes. The only exception to this ‘mental over physical’ rule is showing off her skateboarding skills— she loves it so much that I have to make sure to put the skateboard away when we are home or she will bang it into the walls, the furniture, and me.”

For her Elite Performer routine, she portrayed Sherlock’s faithful companion Annie B. Holmes. By solving a series of riddles and puzzles, she defeated the evil Moriarty and saved her friend Schrodinger.

“Although 4-year-old English Shepherd Puddin is Annie B’s full niece and loves her therapy dog visits to a nursing home, the two dogs could not be more different both physically and mentally,” Pamela said. “Puddin prefers more physical tricks.Sneezing is not for her!She likes spinning circles, falling over (‘Uh-Oh’), sitting pretty, and most of all, finding things to bring you or putting something IN something. If you drop a candy wrapper, Puddin is right there to pick it up and hand it to you (or put it in the trash basket). If an ice cube misses the glass and falls on the floor, Puddin is there immediately to get it for you. Her newest variation is the printer. When she hears it start, she dashes into the bedroom and waits until a page falls out. She then grabs it up and runs as fast as she can to deliver the important (and now wrinkled and slightly wet) document.”

For her Elite Performer routine, she re-enacted selected scenes as Frodo from Lord of the Rings.As a finale, she saved all of Middle Earth by dropping the Ring into Mount Doom.

Both Annie B and Puddin were awarded their TKEs (Trick Dog Elite Performer titles) on May 22, 2020.

Rockin’ Kr Red Raging Torch TKE and Rockin’ Kr Blue Flash Lightning CGCA TKE both owned by Kirby McIlveen of Placentia, CA

Flash, 12, and Torch, 10, are McNab Dogs. “Flash is a calm guy, who likes to sleep on the couch until it’s time to do something fun,” Kirby said. “Torch is ‘all fired up’ as his name suggests. He’s always ready to go and wants to be the first in line for everything,” Kirby said.

Their personalities may be different, but they have a lot of the same interests. They are both top disc dogs: Flash is a two-time California State Disc Dog Champion and Torch is a 12-time Disc Dog World Champion. Flash is now retired, but Torch still competes around the world.”

“They both have loved learning tricks all their lives, but we only started earning trick titles last year, finishing AKC’s Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Performer titles.” With many of this year’s events canceled and postponed, they were able to earn their TKE titles at home in their front yard on April 17, 2020. Flash performed a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed routine, and Torch performed a Pokémon-themed routine.

“We’ve had lots of fun working through all the trick titles. It’s so great that AKC has offered the Canine Partners program so all dogs can join in on the fun!”

Congratulations also to these dogs who have earned the TKE title:

  • Choco Tacodile CD BN RE ACT1 SCA SIN CGCA TKE owned by Jenna and Michael Zeidler of Champaign, IL 
  • Bentley Kayganiewicz RN CAX BCAT DDU DDGE CGCA CGCU TKE owned by Kristyn and D.J. Cyganiewicz of Lexington, KY
  • My Special Valentine TKE owned by Miranda Rizzo of Kenai, AK
  • RACH Just Candy CD PCD BN RM2 RAE2 FDC DCAT ACT1 RATN CGCA CGCU TKE ATT owned by Pat Holladay of Murfreesboro, TN
  • Gunner Demello TKE owned by Eric Demello and Andrea Silva of Fall River, MA 
  • Hh Suit Yourself CGC TKE owned by Isabel Ackerman of Greensburg, PA
  • Hattie The Puppy Doodle TKE owned by Tracy Miller of Aubrey, TX