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We have some big news to report about All-Americans succeeding at earning the top titles in Agility, Coursing Ability, Rally, Obedience, Scent Work, Tracking, and Trick Dog. Many dogs are also having success in AKC’s Virtual Titling programs!


AGCH (Agility Grand Champion)

AGCH MACH2 Rosie La Bella MXC PDS MJC PJS MFG TQX T2B5 owned by Leslie Lava of Tiburon, CA

Leslie found 6-week-old Lab mix Rosie at the Sonoma Humane Society in 2012. Three years later, Rosie began her agility career, earning her MACH in January 2019 and her MACH 2 in January 2020. She was well on her way to earning the prestigious AGCH title when Covid-19 shut down California in March 2020. Immediately, seven trials that Team Rosie had entered were cancelled.

They continued to practice, and trials re-opened slowly in the fall with all Covid precautions in place. “Rosie took masks and social distancing in stride. She focused on getting the job done,” Leslie said.

Rosie finished her AGCH title on Nov. 29, 2020, at the Sacramento Dog Training Club trial.

Rosie has also been a therapy dog, caught opening pitches at minor league baseball games, and perfected her high-flying-mid-air-ball-snatching act.

“Sincere thanks to AKC for their Canine Partners program which provides fabulous agility venues for Rosie to showcase her exceptional talent, drive and mental toughness,” Leslie said. “There is no one I would rather have on my team in life or on the agility start line than Rosie.”

Congratulations also to this All American Dog who has earned the AGCH:

  • AGCH MACH4 High Octane’s Borgoe Tobias MXC PAD MJC PJD MXP MJP MFS TQX MFP T2B3 T2BP2 owned by Anouk Boon of Vero Beach, FL 

Master Agility Championships (MACH) 

Multiple Master Agility Champions

Congratulations to these dogs who have earned more MACHs:

  • MACH11 Olive Hawkins MXG3 PDS MJB4 PJS MFB TQX T2B8 CGC TKI MACH11 8/22/2020 0:00 owned by Stefanie and Craig Hawkins of Florence, KY 
  • AGCH MACH20 Feel The Need MXC5 PDG MJG6 PJC MFB3 TQX T2B12 CGC owned by Janet K. Boggs of Crawfordsville, IN 
  • MACH2 Marlo II BN MXS MJG MXF T2B owned by Virginia Besthoff of New Orleans, LA 
  • MACH2 Everlasting’s Matilda CD BN RE MXS PAD MJG PJD MFB TQX T2B2  owned by Elizabeth Ann Powell of Evansville, IN 
  • MACH2 PACH Riley’s Jesse MXS MJS MXP5 MXPS MJP4 MJPB PAX MFB TQX MFP T2B T2BP BCAT CGC TKA owned by Carol Riley of San Antonio, TX
  • MACH2 The Brooke MXS MJC MXF TQX T2B CA TKA owned by Karen Gamboa of Phelan, CA 
  • MACH2 Patterday’s Rocky Raccoon MXS MJG XF TKN owned by Erin Day and JoAnn Patterson of O’ Fallon, MO 
  • MACH2 Sullivan’s Louie MXS MJG CGC owned by Robert and Kit Sullivan of Richmond, VA
  • MACH2 Wee Beginnings Dobby MXS MJG XF T2B CGCA TKA owned by Stefanie Kappus of Milford, NJ 
  • MACH2 Cote MXG MJG OF CGC owned by Jim and Lisa Koras of Wethersfield, CT
  • MACH2 Riley Nico MXS MJG MFB TQX CGC TKN owned by Leslie Holm of Las Vegas, NV 
  • AGCH MACH20 Feel The Need MXC5 PDG MJG6 PJC MFB3 TQX T2B12 CGC owned by Janet Boggs of Crawfordsville, IN 
  • MACH3 The Terra Mist Grazianna MXC MJC MFC TQX owned by Mark Ostrich of New Orleans, LA
  • MACH3 Momoha!, Pink Cream Puff Explosion MXS MJG XF owned by Jacklyn Murphy of Denville, NJ 
  • AGCH MACH4 Tuckman Of San Francisco MXB2 PDS MJS2 PJS MFG TQX T2B7 owned by Larry Rich of San Francisco, CA 
  • MACH4 Gretzky The Great One depup MXC MJB2 XF T2B ACT1 CGC TKI owned by Maria Sutjiamin of Lombard, IL
  • MACH4 Nostroveya’s Gemma MXB2 PAD MJB2 PJD MXF T2B4 owned by Sharen Hyde of Crystal River, FL 
  • MACH6 Mighty Milo Vogel MXS2 PDS MJG2 PJS MXF TQX T2B5 owned by Kathleen Vogel of Bay City, MI 
  • MA36486301 MACH7 Zoe Mia Vogel MXB3 MJC2 OF T2B2 owned by Kathleen Vogel of Bay City, MI
  • MACH9 Camp David’s On The Verge Of Greatness MXG3 MJC3 MFB2 TQX T2B3 CGC TKA owned by Rachel Billick  of Tarentum, PA

Congratulations to these first-time MACHs:

MACH Snowden’s Swiper MXB MJB MFB TQX T2B2 owned by Cindy Snowden of Peoria, IL 

A friend from the animal shelter texted Cindy a blurry photo of an All American Dog stating, “I think I found you a dog you can do some agility with.” When she met him, she knew this was her next dog – agility or not.  “One day with a side glance, this black and white Holstein cow-looking cutie patootie tip toes quietly past us, flip-flop hanging out the side of his mouth. We named him Swiper.”

They earned their Novice and Open titles quickly, then were thrown into the “big leagues” earning two double Q’s in Excellent. Cindy’s instructor told her that she had a “MACH Dog.” “I didn’t even know what that meant!” Cindy said. “I was having a blast with my teammate. We just really click. I am amazed at his start-line stay, distance and jumping abilities.”

They finished the MACH on Sept. 12, 2020, at a trial in Iowa, where she kept it low-key as she did not want to jinx their chances.

“Guess how many people knew we were going for our MACH that day? One – the person I asked to videotape us. During the final run, it was just me and my dog working as one. We quietly walked off the course. No applause or victory lap. I felt relieved and satisfied. Swiper and I went outside for our post-run Frisbee time. I smiled, then started running through the grass, my dog by my side and yelled, “YES! Way to go my little MACH dog!”

MACH Bailey June RN MXB MJB OF TKN owned by Robin Murtha of Mechanicsburg, PA 

Bailey is a mix of Sealyham Terrier and Wirehaired Dachshund, and Robin said she displays both the tenacity of the terrier and stubbornness of the Dachshund so earning her MACH was especially rewarding.

Now 9 years old, Bailey began training in agility at a young age, but did not start competing right away. “Being my first agility dog, it took some time for us to establish the teamwork necessary to be successful at a trial,” Robin said.

The big day finally came on Aug. 14, 2020, at Bella Vista Training Center in Lewisberry, PA, where Bailey achieved her MACH. “ It was a culmination of a lot of hard work, challenges, and yes, fun. It was truly a team effort between dog and handler, and the bond between us is stronger than ever,” Robin said. “Bailey serves as an inspiration to all those struggling to achieve their agility goals – even a breed that is not a traditional agility powerhouse can be successful with practice and perseverance.”

MACH A.J. Streeter MXB MJB RATCHX CGC owned by Katie and Brandyn Streeter of Huntley, IL 

AJ landed in a shelter after being picked up as a stray in Kentucky. Later, the 2-year-old was transported to Helping Paws Animal Shelter in Illinois, where Katie and Brandyn met him.

“We were looking for a puppy, so we started looking at a few different shelters. We finally decided to visit Helping Paws but AJ wasn’t there because he was at a trade show working on finding his forever home,” Katie said. “We were about to leave the shelter when AJ walked in. That’s when I met my heart dog, and it was love at first sight.”

She took him to basic obedience classes to learn manners, and he did well, earning his CGC and then becoming certified as a therapy dog.

“We spent many nights visiting the local nursing home with our other therapy dog friends. Soon after we discovered agility and it became our favorite game, I mean obsession.”

On Aug. 23, 2020, a day before Katie’s birthday, AJ, now 9 years old, earned his MACH at WAG Agility trial in Spring Grove, IL. “Despite his growing age and just turning 9, AJ and I will continue to have fun with everything we try. Our favorite motto will always be ‘Age is Just a Number.’”

MACH Smarti Marti MXB MJB NF owned by Mary Dougherty of Colorado Springs, CO 

In January 2015, Mary started the search for a small dog to join her family and become her next agility dog.

Marti’s picture showed up on a rescue group website. Marti and her sister had been left at a shelter in California, and Performance ResQ Inc. was contacted about taking them since both puppies had high drive.

“Performance ResQ, Inc. placed both the girls in performance homes. One of those homes, fortunately, was ours,” Mary said.

“Smarti Marti, who became known as Maserati Marti once she started the sport of agility, immediately told my husband and I this was home. She was the best little bundle of joy ever.”

Marti was about 6 months old when Mary adopted her. They are not sure what she is mixed with, but DNA results show her top breeds as Australian Cattle Dog, Poodle, Shetland Sheepdog and Corgi. “No matter what combination Marti is, she is sure to bring smiles to all who watch her run and shine in the agility ring,” Mary said.

Marti earned her MACH on Sept. 27, 2020, at the Front Range Agility Association of Denver trial.

Handler Paul Coley loads Stella for a missing veteran search deployment. It turns out the man had been missing 15 days. Photo by Joe Blanton

MACH Siegel’s Cali MXB MJB XF T2B DN owned by Lauren Siegel of Dinwiddie, VA 

Lauren was just supposed to be pet sitting a friend’s dog for a few months while she was out of town. But she fell in love with her guest and ended up rehoming her as her own.

“Cali clicked with me almost instantly, and I couldn’t imagine having to give her back. She showed me her intelligence and drive to work, and I thought she would be a good fit to try agility. I had never done agility, but I thought it would be fun.”

Cali started training for agility in January 2018 at 2 1/2 years old and entered her first trial in January 2019. “We were both hooked after that. In an impressive 19 months of trialing, with several months off due to the pandemic, Cali made it from the Novice level to her MACH title.”

Cali earned her MACH Sept. 27, 2020, at the Gloucester Kennel Club trial.

“This was so incredibly special as we had set a goal of earning our MACH in 2020. When the pandemic hit and we had to take several months off, I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen. When we were able to trial again, we hit the ground running and we were able to accomplish our goal”

Photo Courtesy of Vicki King

MACH Hemingway MXS MJS MFS TQX CA TKN owned by Tiiu K. Mayer of Baldwin, MD 

Tiiu fostered many dogs, helping more than 20 find their new homes, but a special puppy in 2012 created her first “foster failure.”

“Our journey together started when I fostered a mom and three 5-week old puppies for Lab Rescue of CP. Until then, I had been happy to just foster. But Hemingway was quite special and rather than worry about his new family being ‘just right’, I adopted him.”

When Wei-wei was about a year old, they took a six-week introductory agility course, and “the rest truly is our history,” she said. They took classes at Oriole Dog Training Club and started competing in agility and also discovered flyball.

Tiiu set a goal of earning the MACH and they achieved this in September 2020 at a trial in Lewisbury, PA.

“We were both thrilled and relieved to finally earn our MACH.  There were a lot of challenges that I’m sure are familiar to most competitors – Covid, injuries and illness (mine and his), training issues (naughty contacts), and more – but we persevered and prevailed!”

MACH Ma Belle Joelle MXB MJS XF T2B2 CA DCAT DM CGC owned by Ali Park of Virginia Beach, VA 

Ali found Joelle as a young puppy on Craigslist and intended to foster her until she could find a great home for her. She was advertised as a Mastiff mix, but she was high drive and athletic, and “I wasn’t sure I could handle a dog like that,” Ali said. “Well, I fell in love with her, and the rest is history. I eventually did a DNA test on her, which revealed no Mastiff as I suspected, ha! She is actually 1/4 Am Staff, 1/4 pit bull, 1/4 Boxer, and 1/4 German Shepherd.”

Joelle opened Ali’s world to dog sports and after getting involved in dock diving, coursing, and Fast CAT and doing very well, they started agility training when Joelle was 4 years old. She qualified for the AKC National Agility Championship in 2019 when she was 7 years old and made the finals for the 20-inch division. “It was an amazing experience! Little did I know that a few months later she would be diagnosed with CCL disease. She spent the next year and a half in rehab and recovering from TPLO surgeries in both knees. She was such a trouper.”

Joelle returned to agility in fall 2020 and soon got the last double Q needed to earn her MACH. “There are no words to express the joy in the journey that we’ve had. At 9 1/2 years old and due to her previous injuries, her agility career will sadly come to a close this year. But I am so grateful for all the adventures that we’ve had, and I will cherish all the times in her remaining years when we can play Frisbee, hike, or swim at the beach,” Ali said.

Joelle received her MACH on Dec. 4, 2020, at Level Up Dog Sports in Mechanicsville, VA.

Congratulations also to these dogs who have earned their first MACH:

  • MACH June Pride Of Dixie MXB MJB NJP owned by Michael and Kate Gallagher of Fargo, ND 
  • MACH Stella Lulu MXB MJS OAP OJP MXF NFP T2B3 owned by Lauren Kadrich of Alpena, MI
  • MACH Hawk Blair MXG MJS MFB TQX T2B3 CGC TKI owned by Trish Blair of Ferndale, CA
  • MACH McCall Show Me Kodiak BN RAE MXB MJB T2B2 CGC owned by Deborah R McCall of Bellevue, NE
  • MACH Sir Simba Of Sunnyhill MXB MJS MXF owned by Debra Slaybaugh of Biglerville, PA
  • MACH Rex Kosztowny MXB MJB MXF T2B owned by Emily Kosztowny of Wentzville, MO 
  • MACH Sprite’s Panda Bear MXB MJB owned by Joyce and Gregory Partykevich of Round Lake, IL
  • MACH Jolie IX MXB MJB MFB TQX T2B3 ACT2 CGC TKA owned by Robert E. Goudreau of Ocala, FL 
  • MACH Finnigans Give Me A Little Wiggle Room MXB MJB XF owned by Beth Bruno of Mount Laurel, NJ 
  • MACH “Mischief Makers Ticket To Ride” MXS MJC MFB T2B2 owned by Sherrie and Nick Jans of Bell, FL
  • MACH Sunderland’s Bug MXB MJB NF CA SCN SIN SEN DS owned by Angie Sunderland of Hesperia, CA

Preferred Agility Championships (PACH)

Congratulations to these dogs who have earned more PACHs: 

  • PACH10 Crosby’s Quinn MXP25 MXPS3 MJP32 MJPB4 PAX10 MFP T2BP7 owned by Krisanne Crosby of North Chesterfield, VA
  • PACH2 RACH Sandy River Casts A Shadow CD PCD BN RM2 RAE3 MXP5 MXPS MJP7 MJPS PAX2 MFPB TQXP T2BP2 TKNowned by Jan Treharne of Brush Prairie, WA 
  • MACH5 PACH2 Olszewski’s Buffy MXG2 MJS2 MXP5 MXPS MJPB PAX2 OF NFP owned by Sandra Olszewski of Freeland, MD 
  • AGCH MACH15 PACH4 Moses Raphael York UD BN GN GO RAE5 MXB4 PDG MJC4 PJG MXP10 MXPC MJP10 MJPC PAX4 MFC TQX T2B9 CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Jorday Patrick York of Evansville, IN
  • AGCH MACH11 PACH3 LanakilaDoin It By Example MXG3 PDS MJC3 PJS MXP7 MXPG MJP9 MJPG PAX3 MFG TQX T2B8 owned by Caroline A. King of Sanger, TX
  • PACH4 Marcie Newport Thomas RI FDC MXP11 MXPC MJP12 MJPB2 PAX4 MFPB TQXP T2BP5 SCN SBN THDN CGCA TKA owned by Jennifer Thomas of Sheridan, AR
  • PACH6 Elk Run Bella MXP23 MXPB3 MJP27 MJPS3 PAX6 OFP T2BP3 BCAT owned by Marcella Smith of Bridgewater, VA 

Congratulations to these dogs for earning their first PACH:

MACH PACH Ollie’s Meerkat Maniac MXB MJS MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX owned by Tiffany Dornan of Stephenville, TX 

Ollie came into Tiffany’s life in 2011 as a 6-week-old puppy. He had been dumped at a shelter in the middle of the night.

“I thought I was just going to foster him, but he had other plans,” she said.

“Ollie and I have had a lot of firsts together,” Tiffany said. “He is my first little dog, my first All American Dog, and my first dog to earn a MACH and PACH.”

Shortly after earning his MACH in 2016, Ollie tore his CCL ligament in his knee. “I was devastated and wondered if we would ever get to play agility again together,” she said. “After two surgeries and a lot of rehab, Ollie returned to agility and earned his PACH in on Nov. 7, 2020. We are having more fun than ever playing this game together, even if Ollie adds an extra tunnel or two on the course!”

PACH Teddi Bear AX AXJ MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX MFP T2BP owned by Linda Griffin-Keliher of Belle Aire, FL 

While Linda is relatively new to agility training, she is not new to animal training, which aided her when she and Teddi Bear started their agility adventure.

She has been a volunteer at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, FL (home of Winter the dolphin, star of Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2) for 12 years on the dive team and rescue team and helping train dolphins. She has taken many classes on dolphin training.

She and Teddi Bear trained in agility at Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club and began competing in 2017. They earned their PACH on Aug. 14, 2020, at a trial at Bratty Paws in Punta Gorda, FL. “We are so privileged to have received a PACH with Teddi Bear,” she said. “Outside of agility, Teddi Bear loves her red ball, chasing squirrels and swimming in the ocean.”

When not competing in agility, Linda, an attorney and former bodybuilder and competitive swimmer, swims and enjoys life with her husband, Bob, Teddi Bear, and two other dogs, Paddington Bear and Smokey Bear.

Wow, finally a day off for the hard-working Stella. Here she enjoys a laid-back Sunday afternoon at home in Tallahassee, Florida, with Coley and wife, Donna. Photo by Scent Evidence K9

PACH Vera Renee Gandy MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX XFP T2BP owned by Amy Gandy of Safety Harbor, FL 

Vera was overlooked in the shelter due to her boundless energy, which most families felt they could not handle.

Her life was transformed when Amy adopted her at age 6 months. “She promptly began jumping and playing and even climbing up ladders when no one was watching,” Amy said. “She came from being forgotten in the shelter for her boundless energy to being able to express herself through the incredible sport of agility.”

Vera earned her PACH on Aug. 28, 2020 at Bratty Paws Dog Plex in Punta Gorda, FL, and will be compete at the AKC National Agility Championship this year.

“She is a mixed breed combining the lively, high-spirited Boston Terrier with the intelligent and trusting Australian Cattle Dog, delivering the best of both,” Amy said.

Stella gets ready to work a 24-hour aged trail during a training session. Photo by Joe Blanton

PACH Ruthless Little Lyle MXPB MJP5 MJPS PAX XFP T2BP TKA owned by Ruth Olsen of Klamath Falls, OR 

Lyle was in a shelter when Ruth pulled him out in 2010 to foster over the holidays. “We guess he was about 9 months old at the time and had been in the shelter for about 5 months… Once we finally got him housebroken, I decided he should just stay forever, so he became a permanent part of our family!”

Ruth was competing with her Border Collie in obedience and agility so decided she would also train Lyle. “He will do anything for food, which is the key to his success in life,” she said.

Unfortunately, he had an accident and was hit under the head with an agility teeter board. The teeter then became his major training challenge, one he still battles from time to time.

The two went into 2020 needed just a few QQS to finish their PACH, but then most trials were canceled due to the pandemic. “But on Oct. 25 at the Rogue Canine Agility trial, we managed to hold it all together and get our last Double-Q… Lyle is a great teacher, friend, teammate and family member, and people love to watch him run in the agility ring. We don’t know what mix of breeds he is – when people ask, I just say ‘He’s a cute little dog,’ – but in reality, he is much, much more.”

Photo Courtesy of Terry Tuttle

PACH My Lola OA AXJ MXP5 MXPS MJP8 MJPG PAX NF XFP THDX CGC owned by Cheryl Price of Hurlock, MD 

Cheryl rescued Lola from a Delaware shelter. She knew the Dachshund-terrier mix loved to run and jump but she had never heard of agility until she read an article about it when Lola was 5 years old.

“We started taking classes but had no intentions of trialing. But after helping at club trials, we started our adventure. We eventually made it to Masters level and started collecting double Q’s and points.”

Then the two had to take a break in 2018 after Lola tore her ACL and had to have surgery. After her recovery, they went back to work and finished the PACH on Oct. 30, 2020, at the Talbot Kennel Club trial.

“Lola turned 14 in December, so she is starting to slow down some but still attends classes and trials,” Cheryl said.

Lola also is a therapy dog and volunteers for Pets on Wheels. She recently earned the AKC Therapy Dog Excellent title.

PACH Rose’s Duke Of Earl MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX MFP T2BP2 owned by Gretchen Rose of LaCenter, WA

Gretchen’s son purchased Duke as a puppy at a rodeo.

He was her son’s rodeo partner until her son enlisted in the Marine Corps and moved.

Gretchen decided to start agility with Duke to give him a new job. Now 8 years old, Duke has been training for five years.

The team earned the PACH on Jan. 31, 2021 at the Greater Clark County Kennel Club trial.

PACH Zimmerman’s Scout MX MXJ MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OF owned by Leann Zimmerman of Mansfield, TX 

Scout was a stray roaming around the school where Leann taught.

“He was taken in by a sweet family that did their very best to find his owners. After a month of not being able to locate his owners, they put his picture in our teacher’s lounge,” she said. “I knew I had to have him as soon as I laid eyes on him.”

They started doing agility about six months after Leann got him. “He is my first agility dog, so we have learned the sport together. Scout has a lot of anxiety and that really came out once we started trialing. He would take an obstacle and then run off from me,” she said. “Slowly, but surely, we became a team.”

The two have also overcome an injury that Scout suffered and threatened to end his agility career. But after a long rehab, he came back stronger than ever and on Dec. 6, 2020, finished his PACH at the Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls. They also have qualified for the 2021 AKC National Agility Championship. “Whether it’s in class or in a trial, I am thankful every time we step to the line, but I am most thankful that we found each other all those years ago. He truly rescued me.”

PACH It’s Not A Dream CD BN RN NA OAJ MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX OF MFP CGC TKI owned by Michael and Lisa Fortschneider of Valrico, FL

“Zoinks came into our lives unexpectedly as lots of good things do,” Lisa said. “Sometimes things are just meant to be. He was being fostered by a friend who had taken him to an agility trial for socialization. He was such a happy boy, and the cutest dog ever. He took in all the activity with a wagging tail, smiling face, and plenty of puppy kisses for everyone. We played with him most of that day, and the bond was instant with my husband.”

Lisa spoke with their friend and found out he had been picked up as a stray and put into rescue. After discussion, it was decided that her friend would bring Zoinks to their home to see if he got along with their four German Shepherds. The meeting went so well that Lisa decided to surprise her husband with Zoinks’ adoption papers.

Soon after, Team Zoinks started training in agility and obedience. Zoinks was always ready to take on any adventure with gusto, so much so that it took several attempts to pass basic agility class! There were moments of brilliance, goofiness, and a lot of laughs by Michael and the watching crowd on their PACH journey.

“We are very lucky to have found him, and he is one of a kind. He always seems to know just what you need and when. Be it a laugh, a puppy kiss, a cuddle, or just sitting in your lap.”

Team Zoinks earned their PACH on Oct. 17,, 2020 at Sonlight Agility Club of Brooksville, FL.

Congratulations also to these dogs on their first PACH titles:

  • PACH Miss Andee Demma RN NA OAJ MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX NF OFP owned by Lisa Loomis of Windsor, CT 
  • MACH2 PACH Penny For Your Thoughts RAE MXS MJS MXPB MJPB PAX MXF MFP T2B CAX CGCA TKA owned by Mandy Kleiman of Bloomington, IN 
  • PACH Riley Heck MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX OFP owned by Grace Heck of Valley Cottage, NY
  • PACH Zoe Zoller Payne MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX OFP T2BP CGC owned by Cindy Zoller Payne of Madison, AL 
  • MACH2 PACH Amber Keens RE MXG MJG MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX MFB TQX MFP T2B2 CAA CGC TKA owned by Linda Keens of Falls Church, VA


Coursing Ability Excellent – Congratulations to these dogs for earning their first CAX titles for passing the CAT test 25 times:

Saltwater Taffy CAX FCAT THD CGC TKA owned by Raymond M. Shanklin of Salisbury, MD 

Raymond adopted Taffy in 2016 after her picture on an adopt-a-pet website captured his attention.

“I brought her to live with me, and she began her life winning pet parade awards and dog photo contests while attending classes at Salisbury (MD) Kennel Club, achieving titles in several disciplines and stealing hearts of everyone she met,” Raymond said.

Taffy is a therapy dog with Pets on Wheels Delmarva and also holds titles in Fast CAT and Trick Dog and is training in agility.

“She is a calm, sweet and social princess with two brothers – Django, an Australian Cattle Dog, and CharlieBear, a Golden Retriever. She is my heart dog since day one.”


Itsabella OA NAJ OAP NF OFP CAX BCAT TKN owned by Rebecca Schrader of Uniontown, OH 

In 2009, Rebecca and her husband went to a pet store to buy food for their parrot, and Second Chance rescue group was there with some puppies.

“We looked at each other and said, ‘Let’s just go look.’ There were a couple of Lab puppies and a little collie-mix puppy with the most beautiful golden eyes lying under one of the volunteer’s chairs,” Rebecca said. “I sat on the floor and she came over and laid down in my lap; I decided I wanted her to be my next agility dog. I filled out an application and waited anxiously for the next few weeks to be approved.

“A few years later, we were at an agility event sponsored by a Greyhound rescue club. This was the first time I saw lure coursing. For $5, your dog could chase a plastic bag around a large fenced-in field,” she said. “As soon as I released her leash, she was off after the lure. She was a natural. It brought tears to my eyes because it was as if she was doing something she was born to do.”

In September, Itsabella earned her CAX at age 11 ½ at a test held by the Medina Kennel Club.

I Love Luci BN RN AXP AJP NFP CAX DCAT TKI owned by Melanie and Colleen Woods of Sewickley, PA 

Melanie and Colleen rescued Luci in January 2013 near Pittsburgh and quickly registered her with AKC Canine Partners.

“The first time we took Luci to a coursing test, I had serious doubts. All I saw were plastic bags on a string. I thought to myself, ‘Why would my dog be interested in that?’ We then proceeded to take Luci out of the car, and she went crazy,” Melanie said. “Luci, who usually does not bark, started to bark and howl, jump, pull, and spin in circles when she saw those plastic ‘bunnies’ start to move. I cannot explain how much joy it has brought me to see her natural instincts take over, see her let loose, and see how much she loves this sport.”

It was a long journey to the last three legs of her CAX with setbacks due to injuries, canceled events and more.
“But we did it – not bad for a dog who just turned 11,” she said.

Luci also has competed and earned titles in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Fast CAT, Scent Work, and Barn Hunt. She also has her Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog titles and was a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International.

“Luci and I cannot thank AKC enough for the Canine Partners program. Luci loves activity and competing and with this program we have been able to give her a fun, fulfilling life. I believe the positive training and teamwork have given us an unbreakable bond.”

Diamond-Hope Traub FDC CAX FCAT5 SWNE SWA SHDN TKN owned by Lisa and Tim Traub of Mukwonago, WI

“Diamond-Hope likes to play many things and has earned lots of ribbons and titles,” Lisa said. “Two of her favorites are running CAT and Fast CAT with her BFF, Lucy. She loves these so much that for her third birthday, a friend built Diamond her very own coursing set for our backyard!”

In 2016, Lisa and Tim drove to Georgia to adopt their All-American girl. And since then, Diamond has travelled with them all over the country.

“She’s even been to Alaska, doing dog sports and having other fun adventures! So how perfect that she return to her home state in 2020 to earn her CAX in Perry, GA, on Nov. 29, 2020, while on a Thanksgiving trip there.”

Congratulations also to these dogs for earning their first CAX titles:

  • Brick III CAX CGC owned by Nikela Parks of Avondale, AZ 
  • Karma Stowell CAX owned by Darlene M. Stowell of Allenstown, NH
  • Spot N Trot’s The Naughty Spot CAX owned by Marilyn Rother Kraus of Broad Run, VA
  • Lil’Cherokee Dreamcatcher AX AXJ MXP4 MXPB MJP2 MJPB NF XFP T2BP CAX DCAT CGCA owned by Christy Wrede of Eatontown, NJ

Congratulations to these dogs for adding more CAX titles to their names:

  • Lucy’s Got Some ‘Splainin‘ To Do CD RE CAX3 FCAT2 SIN SBN RATO CGC owned by Nancy Lewin of Cedar Grove, WI
  • Medendorps Hoodoo By Barribeau CD RAE3 NA OAJ NF CAX2 SWN SIA SBA owned by Billie Medendorp of Decatur, AL
  • IyongTapatKaibigan FDC CAX17 FCAT DN owned by Stephanie Markgraf of Graham, NC
  • Drivetrain I’D Wrap That RN FDC CAX2 FCAT RATN CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Alyshia Funk of New Salem, PA
  • DMT’s Christmas In Dixie CAX2 FCAT7 CGC TKP owned by Danny Terry of Eclectic, AL
  • DT6 Blue Star RN CAX2 FCAT2 ACT2 owned by Gordon Kane and Lori Lagasse of Allen, TX

Fast CAT

Fastest All American Dogs

AKC ranks the fastest dogs of each breed in Fast CAT, and congratulations to the top five fastest All American Dogs as of March 19th:

  1. The Whole Shebang BCAT owned by Barbara Mahony of Brooksville, FL
  2. Outrun’s Funny Rebel BCAT owned by Christine Jafarkhani of Gastonia, NC
  3. Gibson’s Zina CA DCAT owned by Debby Gibson of Ocala, FL
  4. Drax II CA BCAT owned by Jeremiah and Marina Bolton of Dickinson, TX
  5. DMT’s Christmas In Dixie CAX3 FCAT9 CGC TKP owned by Danny Terri of Montgomery, AL


High in Trial All American

Whirley Whirlwind Wind Of Dorian CD BN RA OA OAJ OF TKI RATN owned by Sue Kotlarek of Romulus, MI

Congratulations to Whirley and Sue Kotlarek on winning an obedience High in Trial from the Novice B class. Whirley took the prestigious honor on Feb. 28, 2021, at the Sportsmen’s Dog Training Club of Detroit (MI) Obedience Trial.

Whirley Whirlwind CD BN RA OA OAJ OF TKI RATN earned a nearly perfect score of 199 out of a possible 200. She tied with the winner of the Utility B class and was in a run-off that she won.

Whirley was rescued from Hurricane Dorian in Florida where she was in a shelter at the time of the storm.

“They had to empty the shelters in case the hurricane hit and also, if the hurricane did not hit, there would be room for misplaced dogs. Michigan accepted 30 dogs. The Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit took in six dogs and that is where we met Whirley,” sue said. “She came with the name of Whirlwind, and it fits her to a “T”! She is a natural at everything we do.”

Whirley finished her Companion Dog (CD) title at the trial and competed in the Beginner Novice class where she earned perfect scores of 200 both days.

“It was an exciting day and a nice way to finish our Novice title,” Sue said. “I look forward to more shows opening and continuing our career.”

Congratulations to this dog for adding another OTCH to her name:

  • OTCH8 Lola Sugar And Spice UDX8 PCDX OGM BN GN GO VER RE CAA CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Kathryn Harvey of Apple Valley, MN 

Utility Dog (UD)

Congratulations to these dog who have earned the UD title:

  • Super Cooper Trooper UD BN RE owned by Joshua Wiggins of Spring, TX 
  • Duesenburg UD MX AXJ TKP owned by Mary Barbara Zalac of Lowellville, OH 

Congratulations to this dog for earning the UDX:

  • Delta Daisy UDX OM1 owned by Sheila Margaret O’Brien of Richfield, MN

Congratulations to this dog for earning another UDX:

  • OTCH8 Lola Sugar And Spice UDX8 PCDX OGM BN GN GO VER RE CAA CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Kathryn Harvey of Apple Valley, MN


Rally Champion (RACH)

RACH Finn 38th of his Name CD BN RM3 RAE2 NA CA BCAT ACT1 TKP owned by Heather Pekarovich of Watertown, MA 

On Nov. 22, 2020, Finn earned his RACH title at the Thanksgiving Cluster dog shows hosted by the Holyoke Kennel Club in Springfield, MA.

“This was a special place for Finn to complete his rally championship title because, three years prior, he earned his Rally Novice A title at the same show,” Hether said.

In addition to rally, Finn loves to train and compete in obedience, agility, scent work and tracking. Finn is working on his Open Obedience title and his Excellent and Masters Agility titles.

“Finn’s versatility and success are a result of positive reinforcement-based training and giving him time to just be a dog. In his down time, Finn loves chewing on a bully stick, playing ball, going hiking, and pestering his human to train more,” Heather said.

RACH Blaze Six CD RM2 RAE2 owned by Cassandra Six of Gloucester, VA

“Training and trialing with Blaze has been such a wonderful experience,” Cassandra said. “When we started this journey seven years ago, I had no idea where it would take us.” They have competed in countless local shows and have competed in four National Championships. “Blaze made me proud once again by earning his RACH at Merrimack Dog Obedience club on October 17th, 2020. He always has positive energy with everything he does, and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us now.”

Photo Courtesy of Bonilla Pet Studio

Congratulations also to this dog for earning the RACH:

  • RACH Blaze Six CD RM2 RAE2 owned by Cassandra Six of Gloucester, VA 


SWM – Scent Work Master 

Briel’s Bella Blu SWM owned by Jodine Briel of Joliet, IL 

Bella Blu, a 12-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer/Lab mix, began her scent work career in 2012. She was successful in other organizations, and when AKC started its Scent Work program, they immediately began competing in AKC trials.

Bella earned her Scent Work Novice title in one weekend in November 2017, just shy of two months after AKC Scent Work launched.

“We faced some challenges through the years but have since figured them out. Bella certainly has a mind of her own and walks through life on her own terms,” Jodine said. “I no longer head into trial day thinking if we do not get the title, the day has been wasted. The bond I share with my teammate is much too precious to worry so much about that title. We now go to each trial to have fun and spend the day together. And with the success of spending a great day with my teammate, came the success of earning those titles and placements too!”

Bella earned her final leg of her Master Buried to earn her Scent Work Master on Oct. 31, 2020, at the No-Z K9 Scent Work Club of NW Indiana’s Halloween themed trial.

Skildum’s Porter SWM TKI owned by Patricia Skildum of Shoreview, MN 

Porter had a rough start in life. He was born in 2018 in a garage in North Dakota with eight other puppies. When the puppies were discovered, it was obvious they had survived by eating cardboard, carpet and whatever else they could find.

Prairie Paws Rescue took the puppies, and that is how Patricia learned of them. They are believed to be Lab/German Shorthair mixes, and Patricia had a similar mix at home and loved the high energy. Soon Porter joined their family.

“I started dabbling in scent work with Porter at home when he was about 5 months old. He seemed to be a natural and having a blast playing the game,” she said. “I entered Porter in his first AKC Scent Work trial when he was almost 10 months old. That weekend he earned his Novice Titles in the Containers, Interior and Exterior elements AND earned High In Trial (HIT) both days. We were hooked!”

Porter earned his SWM (all around Scent Work Master Title) at just under the age of 2 on Oct. 2, 2020, at the Saint Paul Dog Training Club trial. In addition to scent work, Porter has earned his Intermediate Tricks Title (TKI); Barn Hunt Senior Title (RATS); and Crazy 8s Silver Barn Hunt Title (CZ8S).

“Porter is a hardworking, very honest dog with lots of energy who loves the game of scent work, taking long hikes, playing Frisbee and napping in the evening on the couch,” she said. “I look forward to spending many more years with my awesome partner.”

Hussar’s Miss Molly FDC SWM SHDM THD CGCA TKE owned by Julie Ann Hussar of Fenton, MI 

Four-year-old Molly, also known as Squeak, is a small dynamo, standing 11 inches tall and weighing only 13 pounds.

“She is so full of herself. Of everything she has tried, Scent Work is her absolute favorite – that and doing tricks,” Julie said. In addition to her Scent Work Masters title, she had earned the AKC Trick Dog Elite Performer title.

“She is eager now to work towards her Detective title and learn to track,” Julie said. “Molly and I hope to be able to resume her therapy dog work as well when it is once again safe to make visits.”

Goose BN RE OAP OJP SWM SIEE DS DJA CGC TKN owned by Sarah Gardner of South Chesterfield, VA

Sarah and Michael Gardner adopted Goose when he was just under a year old from the Southside SPCA. “He was named Goose because he goosed everyone when he first met them,” Sarah said. He was very active and had reactive issues, so they started training him in companion and performance sports.

Goose has competed and titled in obedience, rally, dock diving, agility, and scent work. By far scent work is his favorite dog sport and he is ready anytime and anywhere to search.

He has been known to bark at gate stewards and judges as they are going over the search before the start as if to say, “I got this, let’s go.”

On Nov. 28, 2020, at the HROTC scent work trial in VA Beach, Goose earned his Scent Work Buried Master and overall Scent Work Master Title.

He has started competing for his Detective Title.

Congratulations also to these All American Dogs who have earned the Scent Work Master title:

  • Heidel’s Cookie Cutter FDC ACT2 SWM SHDN owned by Pat Heidel of Omro, WI 
  • Goose XII BN RE OAP OJP SWM SIEE DS DJA CGC TKN owned by Sarah Gardner of South Chesterfield, VA 


  • Flash Richards TD owned by Vernon and Tiffany Richards of New Berlin, WI
  • Zephyr Mcquinn TD SCN SEN SBN owned by Anne LeJeune of Everett, WA


  • Wiley Coyote Cleaver Clark TD2 TDX TDU CGC TKN owned by Kathy Cleaver of Wayland, MA 


  • Keiki Wagner TDX TDU owned by Patricia Wagner of Fairbanks, AK


TKE (Trick Dog Elite)

Congratulations also to these All American Dogs who have earned the Trick Dog Elite title:

Castiel Angel Of The Winchesters CGC TKE owned by Candy Grambow of Arbor Vitae, WI

Years before Candy even met Castiel, she became interested in canine freestyle and wanted to try the sport one day.

She wanted a sporty breed, like a Golden Retriever, and when the right time came, she learned of a rescue group with several Golden-mix puppies for adoption. But the one who came home with her was far from golden.

“Among those traditional Golden Retriever puppies was this spry, little black fuzzy version,” Candy said. “I was immediately taken. Lo and behold, I found out he has Border Collie in him and boy, did it show! He was and is the best dog to work with.” But as a puppy, Castiel was a bit insecure so Candy pursued trick training to give him confidence and as a foundation for his future freestyle career.

“He quickly became more confident and blew me away at how quickly he learned every trick we dabbled in,” she said. “I didn’t realize how much fun and how rewarding this would be for the both of us. We go to different events, travel where we need to go for training, and simply taking time to explore the world together.

“Canine Partners has been a huge asset to the both of us, and I can’t thank AKC enough for having this program available.”

Mr. Richard Wiggles CGC TKE owned by Katrina Prado of Riverton, UT 

Mr. Wiggles was born in 2018 as one of three male puppies born to a rescue dog.

“When we got him, he was only 6 weeks old and weighed three pounds,” Katrina said. “He was full of energy all the time, and we noticed that he was very smart.”

Katrina had dogs before and had issues with reactivity. “I was determined that I did not want to raise another reactive dog,” she said. “We enrolled him in obedience classes, and he earned his CGC in 2019.”

The trainer suggested that they try a tricks class and so they enrolled him in an AKC Trick Dog class. “Boy did we have fun,” she said. “At his first class, he earned his Novice Trick Dog title and was voted MVP of the class.”

Katrina thought Mr. Wiggles would make an excellent therapy dog, but then the pandemic struck, and opportunities were slim for therapy work. After a few months of staying home and “being bored beyond belief,” Katrina learned that her trainer had opened her own business and was holding outdoors classes.

They began training again and then she received an email from AKC about the Virtual Trick Dog Championship.

“I knew I wanted to enter Mr. Wiggles! I contacted his trainer Lisa Quibell and asked if she could help us get there,” she said. “We began intensive training and he earned his Trick Dog Elite Performer in September. We worked on his routine, Mr. Wiggles visits Grandma. I submitted his routine and although he didn’t win, I was so proud of him for the effort.”

Lkc’s Young Scrappy And Hungry SIN TKE VHMA owned by Laura Cole of Austin, TX 

Hamilton had a challenging start to life, orphaned and abandoned at 2 weeks old and clinging to life.

“He recovered fully, went home at 8 weeks old, and grew from a weak and tiny puppy to a strong, healthy 75-pound dog,” Laura said.

Laura began training Hamilton, and they discovered tricks. “The Novice trick dog title was the first one we earned together, and we thought that would be where we stopped. But we kept going, chipping away, and falling in love with the training process and bond that comes from trick work,” she said.

Two years later, Hamilton earned his TKE. “We rehearsed during Covid, practicing tricks and tweaking scripts whenever possible, working with our trainer to get every detail right.

Hamilton does have reactivity issues, and he has proven that even a dog with challenges can have success with sports and competition, Laura said.

Hamilton also competes in scent work, Fast CAT, and Barn Hunt.

Riley Bertoli TKE owned by Cindy & Dino Bertoli of Mount Juliet, TN

Riley is a 2-year-old Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix that Cindy and Dino adopted by Dino and Cindy last year from a Georgia rescue.

Unknown to everyone, Riley had a medical condition that required him to be crated for several months after arriving home.

“Thankfully, due to COVID, Riley’s humans were working from home which allowed Riley to bond with his new family,” Cindy said. “Riley’s three fur brothers Chandler (18 years old), Skipper and Marty were by his side the entire time.”

Once Riley no longer had to be crated, he started training for agility in his backyard. Then came trick classes.

“Little did we know how quickly he would excel. Riley has a strong work ethic,” she said.

Riley earned the TKE on Oct. 24, 2020, at For Social Graces Dg Training.

Skipper Bertoli TKE owned by Cindy & Dino Bertoli of Mount Juliet, TN 

Cindy and Dino adopted Skipper from Internet Miniature Pinscher Service rescue in Elizabethton, TN in 2018.

Skipper struggled in new situations and did not trust anyone. “Then after a year someone recommended agility classes to help Skipper overcome his fear of people and build self-confidence,” Cindy said. “We were hesitant but decided to give it a try. Within three months, we saw a tremendous change in Skipper’s personality. He was much more confident and was not nearly as afraid of people.”

From there Skipper started trick classes, which took him to a whole new level of confidence. The 5-year-old earned the TKE on Dec. 17 at For Social Graces Dog Training.

Skipper also enjoys Barn Hunt and snuggling with his humans in bed under the covers.

The 3-year-old Bloodhound and Coley relax after confirming a trail in a homicide case involving the Tallahassee Police Department Violent Crimes Unit and Patrol Division. Photo by Scent Evidence K9

Marty Bertoli TKE owned by Cindy & Dino Bertoli of Mount Juliet, TN 

Four-year-old Marty was adopted by Dino and Cindy from Internet Miniature Pinscher Service rescue in 2019.

The couple drove to Jacksonville, FL, to pick him up and bring him to his new home in Tennessee.

After three months in his new home Marty attended an agility show at Bark in the Park. It was obvious that Marty was interested in agility. “Every time the dogs would run out and play agility, he would yell and squeal. From there agility classes began,” Cindy said. “Then about a year later Marty started trick classes which helped improve his focus in agility tremendously.” Marty won the TKE title on Jan. 7, 2021 at For Social Graces Dog Training.

Marty’s favorite things to do when he is not chasing squirrels in the backyard are playing agility, tricks, and Barn Hunt.

Riley Zephyr RN FDC CGCA CGCU TKE owned by Annelise Lynch of Crossville, TN 

Six-year-old Riley, a Vizsla/Whippet mix, is passionate about learning and preforming new tricks. Riley enjoys many sports venues including rally, Fast CAT, and disc.

His favorite hobbies are trying new cookies, shopping for new toys, and finding new comfy places to snuggle,” beAnnelise said. “Riley’s most recent achievement is getting his TKE at Wildcard Canine.”

Martini Lemay Rose CGC TKE owned by Kelsey Martin of Palm Coast, FL

Kelsey knew she wanted a Chihuahua after training Martini’s sister, Pixie, to play Bruiser in a production of Legally Blonde the Musical. “I was amazed at how intelligent Chihuahuas were and really wanted the challenge of training my own.”

She adopted Martini, now 3 years old, in 2017. “Martini is feisty and confident and absolutely loves to train and do tricks. Her focus and ability to learn fast is what got us on the trick dog journey,” Kelsey said.

Another of Kelsey’s dogs, Chloe, had recently performed in an HBO show, High Maintenance, which inspired the idea for Martini’s TKE skit, Martini’s Magical Moment, in which she auditions to be in a Beverly Hills Chihuahua film.

“All the tricks in the skit Martini learned with ease. One of her favorites is playing the piano and singing, which she now will sometimes do on her own for the possibility of being tipped with treats. I am excited to see where the rest of Martini’s career takes her. She’s so smart that nothing is off the table.” Martini earned her TKE title on Sept. 28, 2020.

Congratulations also to these dogs who have earned the TKE:

  • Rinehart’s Stella RN ACT1 CGCA TKE owned by Emme and Dana Rinehart of Woodbury, TN
  • Overdale’s Daisy Girl AX AXJ OF TKE owned by Sydney Boyre of Spring Valley, WI
  • Josie Jet Heffner TKE owned by Amy Heffner of Aptos, CA 
  • Bug Heffner TKE owned by Amy Heffner of Aptos, CA 
  • Relentless Paws Of Mischief TKE owned by Lulu Ma of St. Paul, MN
  • Tuvi RI DCAT RATN CGCA TKE owned by Brenda Degnan-Kormylo of Winter Springs, FL
  • Secret Service Dog RN CGC TKE owned by Nora H. Onstad of Adel, IA
  • Bundy’s Ferris Bueller Brown THDA TKE owned by Lisa and David Bundy of Tupelo, MS